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Smile Newish Betta fanatic looking for a few opinions and suggestions

I have always been an animal lover and love any animal with four legs or less. I have kept fish tanks successfully in the past but in the past four years have lived in an apartment with uneven floors. I know they are uneven because my bookshelf leans without an anchor and leans FAR. So I have refrained from keeping any big fish tanks. However I terribly miss it and recently spent over $100 on a 3 gallon cylindrical "glofish tank" and accessories including stress coat and stress zyme. I did everything I remembered doing before with the larger tanks and allowed a cycle time before adding fish. I had 2 cories and a few "glofish" I know they are zebra danios with color but didn't think about it until they all died. I remembered that danios require more room than that. so I have given up the GLowfish idea but hate to waste the lighting in this tank as it really makes colors pop. I have decided that 3 gallons would be excellent for a betta and either a snail or some ghost shrimp. The last betta I had loved the ghost shrimp and would occasionally chow down on them from time to time( I only ever got the smallest ones) I had problems with ammonia levels in the tank before (I now think the cories were to blame as they too should have had more room) and have recently emptied the tank and rinsed its contents to the fullest and am now starting over the cycling process. I suppose my main concern is that I have heard blue lighting can affect Bettas in a bad way and would never want that but if this rumor is untrue and the glowfish light will be ok then I am wondering what color pattern to look for to really make the best use of it. I am also wondering if there is a better place near Daytona Beach Florida to purchase my Betta. I work at Walmart and can't afford much but refuse to buy fish from work as they have a habit of putting ppl in places they know nothing about. I have told them multiple times that I am a certified dog trainer and groomer and know at least the basics of fish keeping but they never put me in the pets department and instead I end up in cosmetics... I never wear makeup. I am SO not a girly girl but hey I guess if the heaviest thing I have to lift is lotion then I can't complain. Anyway, thank you in advance for any and all suggestions and advice. If the glowfish light is no good the tank hood has an option to not use it and I will still get a betta and just wont use the light.
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Another option would be to check on Craigslist, a lot of times there will be used tanks for sale :) Wash'em out really good and sit them in the sun to sterilize for a day or two and they should be good as new. If not, if there's a Petco near you, their 5 gallon and 10 gallon tanks are only about $15. Even if it's a bit of a drive, it would probably be worth it to get a cheaper tank and have a wider selection of bettas :)
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