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Please Help! Fairly new to Bettas not sure what is wrong with Crimson

Hello, I am fairly new to keeping bettas and new to these forums and I need a little bit of help.

I researched extensively before getting my boy Crimson, so I sort of know what I am doing but need some help. I have had him for about a month...a week after I got him home I noticed he was getting some silver scales by his gills...and that the end of his fins were turning translucent. I went to the lfs where I purchased him and asked for some advice. Due to that advice I started treating him with quickcure. I treated him for a week and he did seem better, but now I see its getting worse. The bottom of him is almost completely dull, like hes losing his color and he still has many of these silver scales all in a row. I am going to upload some photos so that you can see what I mean.

Currently he is in a 3 gallon tank by himself. The tank IS heated and I also have an airstone but its off as he doesn't seem to like this. His tank does have a filter as well as one fake plant. He exhibited these symptoms before the plant was introduced, so I don't think its injury from that...

Also, I have tried to cycle the tank but can't seem to get the ammonia to cycle any further. This is why I do weekly water changes ranging from 30 to 70% I do use a kit and check his water parameters daily.

Any help, ideas, etc will be greatly appreciated.


here is a direct link to this photo
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Sorry that the photos are huge I did try and scale them down LOL oh and I do use condition as well as a little aquarium salt.
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Does anyone at all have ANY idea? If this is normal, please let me know that also. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. I am here looking for help!!
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It's perfectly normal.. can't explain exactly why it happens, but it's common and has no ill effects on the fish.
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White tips @ the ventrals = new fin growth.

Silverish scales under the mouth area is normal for some bettas.

Take pictures of your betta every 2 weeks. Compare them if you think something is going on.

Last thing you want to do is medicate a HEALTHY fish. Also certain types of medication are harder to REMOVE once you're finished.
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Do you notice any difference with his behavior?

My blue male VT, who I've had for a just over a month, has also turned silver on his 'chin.' (It looks like just what I see in your photo.) He seems fine.

He also has some translucent areas at the ends of his anal fin. Is that what you mean? In my VT, it appears to be new fin growth. (From what I've read here, as long as it's not outlined in black, or appearing ragged, it's OK.)

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Thank you so very much for your timely responses. I am glad to hear that the silver on the chin/beard is perfectly normal. :) As far as his behavior, he is a very active boy who loves to play with his food, toys and even his owner. Every time I come up to feed him, he greets my finger at the top of the tank.

As far as the translucency on his fins I do not think it is outlined in black, so you are probably right, it is just new growth.
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