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first spawn

father shadow ( blue and orange veil tale) and mother alice ( red and green double tale) are the proud parents of fry!!!! this is my first spawn soo Im looking for any and all advice on caring for my fry you can offer thanks. Also what colors do you think this mix may produce.
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Sena Hansler
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Pictures of the parents would be great. You will get wider finned veiltails, and perhaps some split tailed. I think? You will get blue, red, red/blue wash... Orange is a mutated color from red, and green will have blue underlay. You may get some that have a green look to them, and some with lighter red (close to orange) as well.

Live food is the way to go. BBS, is my favorite, and I thought it was going to be hard to hatch them and it is not; Aquarium or Marine salt, pop bottle (no top), air hose, pump, water, conditioner And a light they can swim to. If you have live plants in the tank the fry are in, there may already be infusoria along with daphnia, which in my tanks seem to always be there before a spawn, and are eaten soon after there are free swimming fry.
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Live food is best. Fry often (not always) refuse non live food.

Form wise; mostly VT, VT with longer dorsal and or wider caudal, DT (both even and uneven lobes).

Color; wide variety of colors/shade - royal blue/turquoise/steel blue multi (red fins)
Not sure what you mean by "red green" do you mean red base with green irid or green base with red fins.
The former may produce some cherry red multi while the later should produce the above.
. . . . plus what ever hidden genes
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Location: Kelowna BC
there swiming up and down but I had to remove the father because hes eatting them and some of the fry are now dying
the mum is red with iridesent green flakes
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What temp is the tank? Have you done anything to the water?
Normal for some fry to die, as not all are born healthy and strong.
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