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Exclamation My betta fish isn't eating.

Hi! I have a two-year-old solid red veil male betta named Pasco. He had been eating very happily until I recently moved him to a larger tank. He had previously been in a half-gallon and is now in a 2.5 gallon. He has two plants (one live one plastic) to live in. Pasco has recently started a bubble nest as well. Ever since I moved him into the larger tank, he hasn't been eating at much or if all. I feed him betta pellets which he had been eating happily in his previous tank. Help please?
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It's possible that he is stressed. A larger tank is a good thing but if it's inadequately decorated it can cause bettas stress. They're pretty small and in the wild would probably avoid wide, open areas of water or get eaten. So some bettas tend to shy away from the open areas of a tank. You can try filling in some of the open areas with decor or plants and see if that helps. Try to be sure that he has a "cave" or some place that he can hide.

On another note, it is a small tank and ammonia can build up fast. Have you checked your parameters recently? A tank that size will need a minimum of two 50% water changes to keep it in the safe limits. If you're already doing that and parameters are good (ammonia should always be 0, if it hits .5 change 50% and retest an hour later) then it's likely something else.

There are a LOT of things that can make a betta stop eating. If he has any other symptoms (lethargy, grey belly, bloated belly, trouble swimming, etc) that will help narrow down what's going on. I don't think the change from a half gallon to a 2.5g would cause that much stress though.
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I second the getting more plants bit by Kithy. It doesn't matter the size of tank that the fish is in, if it's a completely void 10 gallon and a heavily planted 46 gallon, the fish is going to be more comfortable in the 46 gallon because there is more places to hide and explore in, the 10 gallon is just too much open space and that can happen with any tank. So I definitely suggest getting more plants (if they are fake make sure they are silk or soft fabric!)
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