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Oh it looks so good so far!!
I can't wait to see once you get more plants and stuff in there. (:
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Ive never measured it but estimated it appears my water level to top of lid is about 6-7" and I can hear my plakat smack of the top of the lid when he say he could probably go a little higher too, however my long finned double tail can barely get out of his own way let alone jump...guess depends on the fish and the type of fish. I dont think id ever be able to trust my plakat without a lid.
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One solution would be is to go to a small hardware store (Ace, TruValue) and ask them to cut a piece of hardware cloth. They'll show you the different mesh sizes it comes in. 1/4 inch should be best. If it's cut just right, you can place it on the rim of the tank and you shouldn't be able to see it. It is rigid enough not to sag, like I think plastic canvas would. I'd use some clear packing tape along the back to make a "hinged" lid for feeding. Hardware cloth is to heavy for those eager beavers to lift (while they could bust through plastic canvas). I've learned what clever, determined little monkeys these fish are! Plus, anything for a snack!!
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P. S. Home Depot, Lowes will not custom cut a piece of hardware cloth for you. If (and when) the help there figures out what hardware cloth is, they are more than happy to sell you a roll 40' by 12'. Only the small stores will cut it to fit your fish tank. Plus, I don't think the piece you buy will cost over $1. If you want to go the extra mile, paint it with some white spray paint made for outdoor metal.
I know about this b/c as a child in the 60s-70s, my Mom decided to raise a shoal of swordtails. Talk about jumpers! She bought a $7 fish (lovely b/w speckled one) and it jumped into a waiting cat's mouth! Another jumped into her handbag- she didn't notice it until it was waaaay too late :0( After these 2 incidents she used the hardware cloth with a large rock on it for good measure. (That was a $7 fish in 1972 prices. She was not pleased with the cat. But, what's a kitty gonna do?)
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