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Old 12-21-2012, 02:29 PM   #11 
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You are welcome. As for the plants, you can buy them at a Petco or Petsmart, even Walmart has a fish section you can check out for decoration ideas :)
You will want something soft for them, and nothing spiky/pointy to avoid ripping his fins.

Good luck!
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Water Onion is great.
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In addition to the suggestions above.. some soft silk plants, smooth places to hide and raise the water level so the filter doesn't splash, and get a lid.. I would add a prefilter sponge to the intake tube so your guy doesn't get sucked up. Also why is the intake tube so short?

Just in case you haven't cycled a tank before, here is guide:
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IAL is great.
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I would recommend live plants, as they help lower the pH a bit and provide a tasty snack for a Betta :) In my aquariums, I use frill and ludwigia, but I hear that marimo moss balls are good too (although I'm not sure how much cover they provide) try to avoid plants that are not fully aquatic though, like peace lillies or lucky bamboo. (some people use these, but you have to lower your water level quite a bit so that the leaves aren't submerged, this can cause them to rot and pollute the water.) I would also suggest getting some other hide as well, such as a terracotta pot like Jessa said, or some driftwood. (just make sure there are no sharp edges) also, it would be a good idea to raise your water level almost all the way up to the filter outflow, as this creates less of a current. it's also good to have a lid, as this makes less risk of him jumping out. (not that he ever will, but it's a good idea to have one just in case, especially if you have cats.) I like lighted hoods, as they create more light that helps your plants grow, (if you choose to get live ones) and they make it even more enticing to view your fish. :)

Best of luck, ~Saphira
P.S., I hope I'm not overwhelming you with information!
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Blue Fish
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Coffee cups make great hides, and plastic cups/tumblers that float are fantastic. All six of my guys love them, float the cup sideways in the water and the bettas will usually head up there and feel safe near the surface immediately.

You can purchase silk plants for aquariums, or you can go the much cheaper route and purchase silk plants from walmart or other craft stores. Just make sure that you test them first to make sure the colors don't bleed, and no wire stems.

Several other people have already said this, but adding a sponge to both the intake (the tube) on your filter and to the output (the waterfall) on your filter will do wonders to keep your guy happy and safe. The intake can suck him up, and the outflow batters him around. Mine *hate* their filters, and I've got to ridiculous lengths to cause the outflow to cause absolutely minimal water surface disturbance. ;) Sponges, sponges, and more sponges work the best. :)

Good luck to you!! :)
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Also remember if you buy live plants, make sure it doesn't have any hitchhikers,
like pond snails, even fish! Pull out the rotting, yellowy leaves :)
then rise with lukewarm tap water, or if you wish to be safe,
quarintine them in untreated water for 2 weeks or 3.
So you won't have any ich or other parasites risk.

Easy plants to care for a java moss and java fern, they
don't need much and don't need fertilizers or co2 stuff.
You can also get marimo moss balls, I find those
highly entertaining to watch betta's roll it around.

If you want other plants like anunbias, amazon swords...
I suggest you go to your local petshop, write down the
names of the plants you are interested in and then go check on the
internet what they need. Remember each plant has
their own needs too-- low light, high light, co2, fertilizer,
soil, temperature---etc. So if you aren't a green thumb like me,
I recommend the plants above. Java moss is great and
there is great ideas that works well.

If you do not have much of a budget,
go to a dollar store and get some little jars, plant pots,
tea cups, coffee mugs and such, as a temporary
hidey hole place (What I did hehe), remember
decor should be safe for a betta's fins :) if
it can rip a panty hose, it's no good!

As for IAL (indian almond leaves) that someone
recommended above, it's not really a live plant but an additive
you can put to help betta's relax and fight rot other
aliments or even prevent them, thing is they stain
your water brown, thus why people only use it for
medicinal purposes only.

If you want a more natural look you could buy
aquarium wood (red rootI think it was called) but
you have to boil it a few hours first so it wont
stain your water. (you can then combine it with java moss)

I'll leave you wish a few pictures with the plants
I recommended, decor, and low budget but nice simple tanks :)



Java moss:

here you have java moss made to cover the side of an aquarium, java moss wall :D very easy to make here is a link:

Regular java moss:

Java fern:



this is how I baffled my waterfall filter in my axolotl tank. I used a sponge, tied with a fishing line because it won't rot or rust. You can also see a floating fake lotus with some java moss tied onto the stem. My shrimp love it lol.


It's a temporary setup-- I want to give it a theme but i'm not sure which :) each item (except filter, sand ,tank and light) cost me around 50-80cents each. The coffee cup is a temporary thing too, I want to get another cave there.

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If you do get Hitchhikers Assassins are great and great looking too.
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Hi. You've already been bombed with good info. So, I just have one thing to add, which I found helpful.

If you add your decorations and stuff and your fish is still freaking out, you can paper the sides/back of the tank. This helps limit what they can see, so it doesn't look like they are in a big room. I used construction paper, and I'd imagine dark paper is best, but any paper will work to limit the field of view.

I did this when one of my babies went into a big 10 gallon from his sibling tank...he freaked, even though I had tons of plants and places for him to hide (he's not a hider...why his name is Sassypants lol). I put the paper up, and he calmed down. I gradually took the paper down as he got used to his space; now we just have the background and he's fine.
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I know IAL is not a live plant. Its not only an additive. Bettas love to hide in them and use the bottom.
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