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Thanks for the suggestions everyone!!

Yes I looked into all of your guys ideas, and I think I'm just going to stick with my plan for now. Thanks so much anyways!

Squirt, I think your talking about the Petsmart 50% off sale for Christmas.. Unfortunately, its now expired x_x

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Originally Posted by callistra View Post
They said they were going to look for the $10 glass Aqueon one and make their own hood. If they don't want to worry about cyling and filtering they probably don't want to have to maintain live plants either.

Aren't those things like 1/4 and 1/2 and 1 gallons? Do they actually make them bigger? ETA: I guess the medium is about 3 gallons, but I wonder if they're including the lid in the volume which you wouldn't fill..
I have the Large critter keepers from Petsmart. Potentially, they could hold slightly more than 3 gallons....

But I know they DO hold 3 gallons, because that's the amount of water that I put in each time.

The exact capacity depends on the brand. Petco's, Lee's, and Petsmart's all have just slightly different dimensions.

Bringing it back to the OP's decision - glass is a good way to go. It'll be more durable in the long run, than something like a critter keeper.
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Ok good to know :) I haven't used one of those things since I was in kindergarten or so
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I have a small plastic cup floating on its side in my 5 gallon for a cave near the surface, but I agree that even that wouldn't fit in a .5 gallon. While he would love a 10 gallon, I think a 2.5 gallon would be fine if kept up on water changes. You always have more decorating options in larger tanks, but you probably already knew that :p there are many options for home made decorations as well. Aquarium safe silicone is great for anyone with a creative edge.
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Just popping in to say that it's not that hard to clean/upkeep a 10 gallon tank. The beauty of keeping a betta in a ten gallon is that if you set up the tank to have plants what little waste that betta puts out gets sucked up by your plants. So in a way, it's actually very minimal upkeep compared to smaller tanks.

Since set up the 10 gallon I have goes through minimal upkeep. It has a heater, a t5 light I bought for 10 bucks at Wal-Mart, and an airstone to push the water around on the top of the tank. I've replaced on gallon of water so far because there just isn't much bio build up at all. Of course I've got a healthy Wisteria stem, some floating riccia, and java ferns I brought over from my other tanks...but it goes to show the potential for a low tech, low maintenance tank.

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