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Angry I could SCREAM!

I raise goldfish. Water changes effect them very little, even temp changes.
I just killed 3 females....from shock. It was so unintentional it wasnt real....I feel like an idiot, especially after last nights episode.
No sorority.
I will keep my single Betta boy and Goldfish tank.
I feel like a murderer.
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Sorry for your loss. Can you share what happened, it might help others?
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So sorry for your loss. I had goldfish once, and everyday one would die! :(
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O, my goldfish are fine///LOl I am sorry I should have clarified...i was so upset I was just babbling :)
At the risk of boring everyone...Ill condense my story. I have a betta I LOVE. So I bought 5 female bettas to begin a sorority. One died, and I freaked and gave up. I traded her and 3 others (dropsy, as I suspected) back into PetDumb. (Should have prefaced this...everyone in my family adores our current healthy male betta....the kids fight to say hello to him....the Betta Solomon Finch loves the attention) I keep two of the original females, as one s super cute and the other constipated and I was afraid they (petDumb) would kill her. So they give me FOUR more plus a male who has been around since dinosaur days. Well, THREE of the NEW females die (one was about the size of a pencil eraser that too young?) anyway, three new girls die in quarantine, and so does the OLD male. Hubby isnt thrilled, but the old male had PINHOLES in his fin, and I am fairly certain he was just waiting on a noose.
Anyway, it was COLD last night. After the ride home, a quick stop for a few last minute christmas dinner supplies, I get home, change them all into clean, declorinated/decloramined/ammonia free water. (I followed the manufactures instructions to a tee, even adding a tiny bit of aquarium salt into the pitcher I was making clean water in (no soap was involved) and a single drop of ick be gone. Instant death for two fish and a male. One died when she jumped out of the store water.
I think it was the sudden change from below room temp water to 78 degree water too quickly. Right?
Any ideas would be great. I have one new female acting happy as a kid, and the other 2 original females like...let us outta quarantine...NOW.
But 3 females do not a sorority make..I set this up to surprise my young teen-tween daughters while away on their annual visit to their dads....they come home noon tomorrow. I have 4 extra tanks lying about now, one ten gallon that I am cultivating gravel in, 4 one gallon tanks (one old school) and a new ten gallon. Except for old school tank, all have filters and heaters.
What should I do?

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