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Is the water in my tank too high?

I have a ten gallon, with a hood and light. But I noticed the with all the pictures of tanks I've viewed on here, their water level is much lower than mine. I measured, and my water line is about 2.4 cms (just under an inch) from the top of the glass. Same amount measuring the distance from the water surface to the rim of the hood opening. I know there would definitely be a risk of jumping betta if the window was left open. I also know that bettas are air breathers, so should I take some water out for that reason? Didn't realize is was that full when I put the water in. xD

I just started cycling yesterday. Testing Ammonia, I have about 0.25ppm from fish food I let float in a net in the tank. No Nitrite yet. Do I need more Ammonia? It's my first time. D:
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IF you are doing a fish-less cycle you want to dose about 2-4ppm of ammonia. BUT its your first day of cycling, and cycling takes about a month or longer.

As for water level. You want to have atleast 1-1.5 inchs of room from water level to surface for breathing, with a hood. Without a hood on the tank you want to have 2-4 inches of space between water level and top of tank just so the fish doesnt jump out.
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