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Originally Posted by joecool966 View Post
Does anyone know the ratio of being a male or female from a spawn? This is probably a silly question.
Depends.My first spawn,only 1 male came out.
2nd spawn,2 males and 5 females.
3rd spawn,2 males and 5 female.
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It's not a silly question - lots of people have asked the same question.

There are a few beliefs/myths on this topic.
1. Age of breeders - more males if male is young (4 months),
- more females if females is young (4 months).
2. Temperature - lower temps will produce more females and high temps more male.
Lowest advised temperature is 25C/77F – ideal 28C/82.4F – Highest is 31C/87.8F
3. The first three spawn (female) will produce more males, thus many breeders retire or cull their females after her third spawn.

I rely on belief 2 and 3. A first spawn during the hot season may produce 90% males (my highest). 2nd and 3rd spawn during hot season may produce 40-60% males. 4th spawn during hot season = below 30% male. A 4th or more spawn during the cold season may produce 90% females.
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O great i breed mine during the coldest season and it was hard keeping the temperature stable with my heater. It looks like i have a lot female because they are turning red and i have a red Cambodian female as the mother.
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Old 01-15-2013, 01:55 PM   #44 
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I keep asking question here but i got 1 ghost shrimp would it be okay to put them with fry's? My fry's are about 6-7 weeks now they just look at him and mess with him once in awhile but the shrimp can't eat the fry's right?
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Ghost shrimp can and sometimes will get smaller/weaker fry-but with your at 6-7 weeks-they should be big enough to get away from a ghost shrimp.
The Red cherry shrimp IME are safe with eggs and new born Betta fry that are healthy, however, even the RCS will eat eggs that fall and weak/dead/dieing Betta fry.
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Well theoretically it should be 50/50, but it can be anything!!!
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