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Question Cloudy water?

Hey guys. Well I am trying to establish a cycle, fish in. And I did a 50% water change on Friday. I noticed today that my water is kind of cloudy. On top of that I can't find my test strips so I am gunna have to pick up some new ones. Anyhoo should I do another water change? The water doesn't look filthy...just a slight cloudiness. I will try to get a pic sometime soon. Thanks in advance!
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The cloudiness is just a bacterial bloom, harmless. The worst thing you can do is change the water, don't do that. It just means the BB has started to repopulate and all that good cycling stuff. ^.^ So don't do a water change unless it's the schedule. Test strips are really inaccurate. I used some, said my pH was 6.5. That meant I couldn't cycle my tank unless I buffer it. But then I bought a liquid test kit, and it said my pH was 7.6! Major difference IMO.
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While you are cyling you should not be making water changes on a timed schedule, but based on ammonia and nitrite readings. These should be checked daily. Ideally you should use a drops test kit because they are far more accurate. You need a drops test kit for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

Initially you will see ammonia in your tank. Anytime you see .5ppm you should make a water change, and ideally even as low as .25ppm you should make a water change. Eventually ammonia will hit 0 and nitrites will spike. Continue testing and making water changes as necessary until nitrites hit 0 and you see some nitrates. This is when you know your cycle is complete. It will take 3-8 weeks. Nitrates are ok in small ammounts but should be kept under 20ppm. Once the tank is fully cycled weekly water changes of 20-50% should keep them reasonable provided nothing happens to your cycle and you're not overstocked.

Source: And lots of others we're not allowed to link to.
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Okay. Thanks. I will get a test kit instead.
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