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Exclamation Rescued bettas info needed

Im charlie , I have a few tanks mostly tropical as well as frogs & my geckos .
Im writting this thread because as of today I now own 8 betta males crown tails and another kind that wasnt named so i havent any idea ,, I know its not bubble though I can tell that much.
But me an my son went to wal-mart for pup food and now they are sellin bettas.. or slowly killing them rather. As a result me and my son purchased them and for a lack of options at the moment bought bowls . ( sory ) but it was a have too for the time. I have a 20 gal almost done with its cycle i can split an use but I will have to leave the rest in bowls till friday and more 10 gall can be bought for now im broke but we couldnt leave them we got everyone that was alive even bairly . ( all were full price ) !!! But i dont caire they had to get out of that hell . sory for the word. but really ...Isnt their somekind of law ?? Youd never see puppies pilled up in shoe boxes with 2-3 dead ppl would go nuts . whats the diffrence ??? Really come on america.!!! Oh my God .!!!
IM sory just a little worked up about it all. Needed to vent to someone and all I have are my kids an critters an you folks on line ..
I need help any advice on bettas .
Water perimeters?
water temps,
I have tetra betta pellets is this okay? i use omega one for my other fish.
I have real plants can they be in tank with el-nino ferns ?
I shouldnt have got them all but couldnt help it my son started cryin and I agreed with him sooo.
After cursing with managers an buying new family members here we are .I need betta handbook . please I love my babbies all of them and i will provide good home for all just need info thank you all sooo much .
God bless
charlie an family
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You can find alot of good care sheet online but I think I can help you abit. Betta fish can be very hardy and easy to care for compared to some fish as long as they are happy.
For the water paremeter i keep mine at around 7 PH as I dont think of them as a hard water fish or a soft water fish like chichlids.
I keep mine around 75 farenheigh or i think thats 22 degrees centigrade.
Tetra pellets should be ok but I find different betta like different things. You can wean them onto pellets by feeding them that.
Any aquatic plants are fine underwater same with most platic and silk plants. Betta fish don't really mind what plants or platic fake plants they have. I find it nice to give them dense planting.
Bowls are fine for betta as long as they all have a heater. Females can be kept together but make sure you have more then around 3 females or they will fight.
Some males are fine in a community, I am sure with the ammount you bought atleast one will. So if your fine with one going in with your other tank then thats somewhere nice to put him.

Remember betta breathe air so they need surface area where they can breathe from.

I hope you do really well with your betta and I wish you luck.
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Welcome to the forum......

I know it can seem rather disturbing seeing a Betta in those small temporary cups, however, due to their aggressive nature-the small temporary cups are the best and safest option for the pet shop to display them to sell. It really isn't much different than the other species of fish being kept in overcrowded and/or poorly stocked display tanks for resale.
With that said, I do agree that the Bettas and other species of fish could be taken care of better...maybe a water change and some food on well as removing any dead/dieing Betta/fish from the display area and from the overcrowded tanks.

It sounds like you have your hands full......

I would suggest, if you haven't already-to make a new thread in the proper will get better response and help from our many members. Also, read all the sticky info sheets we have in the different section-this will help too.....

Good luck....
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Bettas are territorial there's a difference. I have heard inEnglandthy don't use the Bowls there either in Betta Barracks or Community tanks. The cups aren't needed.
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Hi there,

As far as general guidelines, bettas should be kept around 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit, fed a mixed diet consisting of a good quality pellet and frozen foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, daphnia, etc. (you could also use live, but many prefer the frozen because there is less chance of disease), and prefer slightly acidic water - that being said, they can adapt to a wide range of pH values so long as it is stable. They do need access to the surface to breath, so leave the water line about a quarter inch below the lip of the bowls. Since they can (and do) jump, covering the bowls is essential, and this will also trap in the heat better and warm the air above the water's surface, which is preferable for them to breathe.

I think perhaps the most important thing you can do for these guys is to give them some heated, clean (you may need to do daily, 100% water changes if the bowls are small) water. Do you have at least one spare heater? Until you can get proper setups for them, one way to heat them is to float all the bowls in a larger, heated container (a large rubbermaid bin works nicely). Or, since you have reptiles, perhaps you have some heated tape that you could run under the bowls?

Live, silk, and some plastic plants (provided they aren't sharp) work fine for bettas, and terracotta pots make nice cheap hiding spaces (just make sure to plug the bottom hole). I just wouldn't put live plants in with any fish you will be medicating.

I wish you the best of luck with these guys... I agree that it is absolutely appalling how they are treated in these stores. I realize that bettas must be separated due to aggression, but that is no excuse for blatant abuse and neglect. Bettas could easily be kept in larger containers on a shelf with some heated tape attached to a thermostat, and given good food and daily water changes. Even if the store did make a profit from your purchases, you have accomplished something really special: you taught your son that this treatment of living beings is not ok, and that is perhaps the most important aspect of improving the treatment of these fish in the future :)

If you run into specific health problems with these very lucky fish, feel free to ask! Good luck!
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According to the care guide 77-83F.
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I was looking at this forum with interest,, must say very good advice given.

We are from the UK, we owned 4 shops until we took over a quarantine and importing business.

All of our shops were fitted with aquariums which were set the same as as display units you have at home,
these were set up with fish that are suited to each other, this gave our customers a guideline to how their individual tanks will look.
Betta's were set up as they should be and only had tank mates that suit them.

Accurate information about every fish,plant ETC was displayed on each tank,
staff had full training in the section they worked in and there was always an experienced member of staff at hand to help.
Even when we moved fish from our quarantine section, to the display area, these fish were not for sale for 14 days,
customers could buy these fish but not receive them until the settling period was over.

We wish other pet suppliers would follow similar guidelines, 1 they will be selling a better stock, 2 customers will drive miles to use your shop.
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Old 12-23-2012, 07:34 AM   #8 
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That is awesome Shewbert! I definitely would have driven miles to get to your store - I didn't even know such places existed! My experiences with pet/fish stores have all been negative unfortunately :(
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Hello again ,
I'd like to thank eveyone for all the help and advice . All the boys have been moved to split 10 gal tanks but as a result of there previouse condition not all have made it .
I medicated an salted did everything I knew and that google told me to but sometimes they are just to far gone ...
Now I am having trouble getting one ( alpha ) the first one we picked up , he will not eat completely refuses . I have tried everything really live food frozen dehydrated flakes pellets I dont know what else to do . He just sites up on top of the water in his tank watchin the room an others fishes next to him . I dont know what to do
any advice on gettin him to eat ?
god bless an merry christmas everyone
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He might not be eating because he isn't used to his new surroundings. I wouldn't worry too much unless he appears sick. Once I had a betta that didn't eat until 5 day after I got him. I would just let him be, he's probably stressed. Just keep feeding him as you normally would and eventually he should eat but remove food he hasn't eaten in about 10 minutes because it will pollute his water.
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