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Feeding Betta question

I don't need tips about how it's better to change to betta pellets or bloodworms than tropical flakes.

All I want to know is...

In your experience, How long will a betta last eating off of tropical flakes? 5 years? 2 years? 2 months?
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If they eat them as soon as they are put into the water it should be okay. Flakes sometimes get a lot of air in them during processing and such. When I was feeding flakes to my goldies I would have to soak them in tank water in a small bowl for five minutes or so to reduce swim bladder.

As to how long a betta will live off just flakes, I'm not sure. If it's a high quality flake I'd imagine they would do well. The better quality of food you put into your pets the healthier they will usually be.
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Personally, I've never fed my bettas tropical flakes because....well, its not made for bettas, and for the most part doesn't meet the proper nutritional needs for a betta based on what I've seen. They seem to have more fillers and plants and such from what I've seen, which are difficult fora meat-eating betta to digest.

On top of that, personally, I'm just not a fan of flakes over addition to the previously mentioned reasons, they're so much messier then pellets and can be hard to feed the proper amount, which is very important for a betta, because they vary so much in size and are so small and thin.

On Tropical flakes that don't provide the proper nutrition for your betta, ones with lots of plant material and fillers and such in them, IS going to effect its lifespan and general quality of life over all. However, if they are a high quality flake and you make sure they fit a bettas nutritional needs as well as offer them a variety(which is a good idea with any food you feed)of other good-quality foods and such, your betta should live just as long as any other.

Here is a great thread that, mostly focuses on pellets, does a wonderful job at describing what you should look for when picking out a commercial food for your betta.
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Not ideal to soak flakes/pellets prior to feeding as that as soon as they hit water they start to lose nutrition.. the betta won't bloat up due to it being flake or pellet food - their digestive system doesn't work that way. Just a myth...

Your question is how long will they live off of ___. The answer is that it depends on the quality you are feeding. The life span of a betta comes down to genetics, water quality, temperature and quality of food. It can be flakes, there are a few that are good such as the Omega One Betta flakes.. it can be pellet food, or live or frozen, etc. As long as you give them the higher quality and a variety they will have a better chance at living a longer, healthier life. Make sure the first ingredient or two is some form of meat/fish - anything plant or wheat base isn't ideal for a betta. Protein should be higher, preferably over 30%.

So as long as the flake food is of the higher quality it will be fine to feed, along with other foods for a healthy diet.
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Originally Posted by Myates View Post
So as long as the flake food is of the higher quality it will be fine to feed, along with other foods for a healthy diet.
thanks! In your experience, If one had to go, how long did your betta live for?
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