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Water changes?

Hey, I just am in the process of my bettas embracing right now. And my question is, when should I start my water changes? how much to change? and is betta water conditioner/normal conditioner all I need to add?

My plan was to change like 10% with a turkey baster everyday once they become free swimming and I take out the male. Is this okay? Or should I start sooner? like today? 3 days? or what?

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Tank size? How well have you planned the breeding?
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its a 10gal, have 5.7" of water atm. I have planned this VERY well, taking time to research and whatnot. Fish conditioned for 2 weeks on bloodworms, fresh water everyday etc.

I just removed the female from the tank as she was done breeding. (off in corner hiding, male was getting aggressive towars her again, thinned out a lot).

He is not tending to the nest.

Tank set to 82F, have some fake plants on the bottom without sharp edges, floating live plants. I have the sponge filter turned off until fry are free swimming. Has a hide, set in middle of tank. Micro worms ready to go.

The only thing I am having trouble with, will be determining the amount of water to change and when.
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Sena Hansler
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I usually start cleaning with the turkey baster when free swimming,

I take out about 10% as well. I go for getting the gunk off of the bottom, and remove the dead fry. I empty the baster into a clear container so that I may find any caught fry and put them back into the tank. When re-adding water, add it slowly and make sure it is the same temperature (aged water is best). Using a drip method or very slowly with the baster works - hope you have patience
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