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Betta Male swimming sideways yesterday

Hello I bought a Betta male in december last year for my 3 yr old daughter. I did a water change one afternoon because it was time and the next day I had to work which im gone 24 hrs at a time. When i got home from work I noticed my fish well her fish was floating to the top and just leaning on the glass bowl we have. The fish are fine 3 pellets. Later that afternoon I had a talk with my little girl telling her that the fish might be going to swim with his parents in the ocean. I decided to put the betta in a different bowl and really clean his home. So I made up some new water let it sit about 2 hrs put him in it and wham like a new fish he was doing better right away. Later that night his tank was ready so he was put back in it and as far as I know since im at work today he is doing just fine.

Its a 1 gal bowl 1 fake plant no heater and I dont check water stats. My house temp stays at about 70 deg. He is a very active fish. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone and what might it have been. I did notice a film on top of the water and sometimes his water gets cloudy.

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He needs a heater, filter, and a bigger tank. You might have changed too much water so the ammonia might have been bugging him. This is all pure speculation of course, let us know.

Do you happen to know the water parameters? I'd invest in a liquid testing kit because those really come in handy when nailing down what's wrong.
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Thanks help me out with what i need. I had a fish tank before but being a firefighter i do not have enough time for a lot of maint. Thank You for your help.
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