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Should I be concerned?

Okay, so I shall start with my Betta seems strange the last few days, and its probably nothing. It all started, because I have two betas in a 10gal, one baby one adult, i noticed the adult has been getting angrier lately as the baby is growing his fins and ended up attacking my tetras. Moved the baby to my 16gal and all went back to normal. Then I did my regular 30% water change about 3 days ago, noticed it kicked up a lot of excess junk in the water and he also seemed really irritated, rubbing himself on things again. After two days, today hes been cool beans and gravy. Today, I got 15 new tetras, added 5 (making 12 total) tetras to his tank, and replaced the filter cartridge which kicked up excess junk in the water from the old cartridge. Now he's laying himself against the barrel I have in there, seems to just be this general area that hes doing it. Prior to this (last night particularly) I've seen him getting stuck to the filter intake, which has always been a problem with other fish, is this behavior anything to worry about? The tank remains relatively clean, even when I do changes its only ever got a little debris. And about 2 months ago I treated all my fish for a fungal infection(because of two new tank mates) and havent noticed any other issues since. Should I be worried at all? I use a betta water dechlorinator, api stress coat and api ph down in the water so everything should be relatively normal at this point. I do have a heater that keeps the tank just under 70. While we're on the subject, my 16gal has an aqueon heater that immediately built up some kind of white stuff on itself after I got it what is this from?
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Rubbing on things is usually an indication of an external parasite, bacteria or fungal infection.
The first thing I would change is upping the tank temperature to 78. Betta fish are tropical, and need a stable minimum temperature between 76 and 82. Anything lower than that, and their immune system becomes compromised making them extremely vulnerable to not only external infections, but internal as well. Warmer water will help him fight off what ever is ailing him, but you may need to treat your entire tank for Velvet or other types of external parasites that thrive at colder temperatures.
Below 70 is too cold for your tetras as well, and they will do just fine at 76 or 78.
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I will double check my heater, i know the 16gal stays at 78, im almost certain this one is pretty warm. I have plenty of fungal treatment from last time so ill see how that does for him, thank you!
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did you QT the tetras before adding them?

also you said you changed the filter cartridge, did you have a new one laying on the old one for at least 4 weeks for BB to transfer? If not, then you probably crashed your cycle and in that case you could have a huge ammonia strike. Please test your water asap.
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