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Reference Team
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Dr. Tim's fish-food

Dr. Tim Hovanec, inventor of the most commonly used bottled bacteria products (Tetra Safestart and Dr Tim's One-and-Only), is marketing a new DIY fishfood.

I know absolutely nothing about it. Any opinions?

Alan Rapashy markets a similar powdered product which has no fillers, just foods. Repashy SuperFood Meat Pie | Ted's Fishroom
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Old 04-04-2016, 10:11 AM   #2 
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Hi Hallyx
These are interesting products.
I read the Rapashy meat pie ingredients and the first main ingredients seem attractive. After watching the video's on the link: I had not seen any betta using the product although there was one review that included a betta. I wonder how betta would fare with this considering how small mouths they have and would they go to the bottom of the tank to feed, although one video suggested using the gel around a string to hang over the aquarium.

Dr Tims: I "might" be willing to try this method; the tiny tray will enable cutting up the frozen cubes and state it will remain so and not be mushy.

I dont know, I am interested in what other members feel about this for betta.
Is it too much work for our betta considering how little they need to be fed?
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Old 04-07-2016, 07:49 AM   #3 
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I have just the one betta. This was too much care and my baby eats the dry just as well. By the way, how long is the dry pellet food good for? With one and feeding 4 to6 pellets a day it can last forever. Is it stale in a month or so?
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I think that would be great for people with multiple fish and community tanks. I feed mine a frozen community formula that's essentially mushed up fish and shrimp in a vitamin gel binder with garlic. I think this would be something similar. The downside to my food is that it's messy when defrosted(end up with particles scattered everywhere, so need lots of clean up crew and/or vacuuming). I wonder if Dr. Hovanec's food would be similar once prepared.
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Rennie Sky
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For what is worth, I like the idea of Dr. Tim's better than the frozen I currently have access to. Better options for me, nice mixes and can add something if I want. I can also mail order it vs making a special trip to buy frozen and then have to go straight home so it doesn't melt.

Yes, it's going to be messier in a Betta only tank, but so is any frozen food. Definitely nice for a community or a mainly Betta tank with bottom dwellers.
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Reference Team
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I don't know how long, JCE. I keep my pellets in the freezer with the other food. It still smells good after more than a year, and the fish still eat it enthusiastically.

Omega One sells Betta Buffet in a really small jar for just this reason, I suppose.
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