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Question I need advice!! My betta is not as pretty as when I first got him!

Hi everyone
I got my betta a few weeks ago thought I knew everything I needed to know and that I was doing everything right but he has gotten fin melt so I have done a 50% water change yesterday and started him on melafix.. He is in a 20litre tank with a heater at 26 degrees and has a filter as well. I'm just wanting to know some more advice on how to care for him so it doesn't happen again, or at least less likely to happen. Just wondering how often should I should completely clean his tank and how often I should do water changes, is there anything else I should have in the tank like a ph level thingy or how often should I clean the gravel etc.. ? I'm feeding him hikari betta food and once a week freeze dried bloodworms
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While treating you can warm the tank up another degree C, maybe two. Be careful with Melafix. I'd cut the dose in half for a Betta.

While you're treating him for fin issues, I'd change half the water twice a week. Vacuum the substrate and otherwise keep the tank very clean. Add Seachem Prime (water conditioner) to the tank @2-drops/gal daily.

When his finrot problem gets better, you can cycle his tank. This provides the best water quality for your fish -- crucial for fin problems. Not as important, it makes less work for you.
CYCLING: the two-sentence tutorial

Don't worry about pH. But you will want to get one of these: API Freshwater Master Test Kit: Pet Supplies So you can keep an eye on water quality, and so you can cycle your tank.

High-quality food is necessary for fin recovery. (Unfortunately, Hikari is not the best.) New Life Spectrum Betta or small fish formula is recommended. Also good is Omega One Betta Buffet. You can knock off the FD bloodworms.

Welcome to the forum.
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