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Old 09-29-2015, 11:55 AM   #1 
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Question Clamped Fins ??

Hello !

My Tank is 14G planted + filtered.
I do 30% weekly water change.

I care him like my child.

From Sunday, Rainy day started here. Raining is continuing. From Rain started he is not much active. But, he is eating. His fins become clamped.

Note : I don't have heater.

What to do now? Should i treat in Aqua Salt or Just heater enough ?
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I would start with a heater. Get a thermometer and check the temperature in his tank. Mine start to clamp up and get stressed if it drops much below 76F. See how he responds to a warmer tank (mine love it around 80F)
Rain usually corresponds to a drop in temperature outside, plus it is heading into fall, so I'd really start with the consistent tank temperature.
If the heater isn't enough, you'll need to pull him from the tank (as AQ salt can kill plants) and go from there. But if he doesn't appear otherwise sick, I'd say heater first for a week or so and see how it goes.
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Start with a heater like the previous person suggested. Also test your water's parameters. Some pet stores will test your water for free. You can buy a liquid testing kit or strips. Liquid kits are more accurate, but strips are cheaper and easier to use. If your nitrates and ammonia levels are high, that can be a cause of clamped fins. To fix that, you can do a larger water change, then test again. Do daily water changes until the ammonia and nitrate levels are at 0. But you said you do weekly water changes, so unless you're betta is particularly messy, I don't think the nitrates and ammonia should be high. If the heater doesn't work and the water levels are fine, try treating with aquarium salt. If nothing seems to help, try to look for other symptoms of sickness.

You can get a heater from walmart for $15-20, a thermometer for $1-2, aquarium salt for less than $5, and aquarium test strips for about $10.
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Get a heater! Clamped find can be a sign of illness but don't over think it either. Not sure where you live but if it's rather cold than you should get a heater and set it to 78f-82f.

If you do weekly water changes and have plants that help water conditions I highly doubt your water parameters are that bad to do any damage to the betta. I've tested the water of Bettas I get imported from Thailand and at times it almost had 4ppm ammonia simply from the long shipping time. He didn't have any weird diseases though. Just a littler lethargic. (Not saying that's it's acceptable to have that much ammonia ever, but "stuff happens" while shipping that you can't avoid")

Check you taps parameters. Some people have had ammonia in the tap before. My tap PH changes dramatically as well so.

im pretty sure a heater should do the trick.
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