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According to the aquarium specialists I bought them from, it's fine. And it has been. All the fish in the tank are active and healthy and brilliantly colored, they don't act or look over crowded, and the filter and plants are keeping up with the bioload along with the water changes. You can keep repeating yourself if you want, but it won't change the fact that they're thriving and have been for some time. And in fact I've known others to successfully keep neons and a betta this same way without incident for long periods of time.
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I know that's what they told you hun, but Neons need LOTS of swimspace to thrive. For every story like yours of a happy tank, I have read 10 horor stories of Bettas injuring the Neons, Neons injuring Bettas, dead fish, level spikes, and so on. Like I said, be happy that you got lucky and everyone gets along well without problems. And continue to take good care of those babies
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You might as well trust a Mcdoanalds Employee. We always say here not to trust pet stores!
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I have a betta and an ADF in a 5 gallon, you need to keep up on water changes and cycle your tank though. Also I have two moss balls in there to help as well and my pair are doing great. You do have to hand feed your adf though. I use tweezers and everything has been working out just fine. Neither of them bother each other or bite. They even lay together in the gravel. When doing this though you need to make sure both adf and betta are none aggressive.It's hard to test in the store. Part of Bilbo getting along with Aquarius is that I got him very young and Aquarius is very docile for a male betta. He even enjoys being side by side with other bettas. Doesn't flare just watches them swim around. I say do as I did if you get an ADF, cycle the tank fully first, add some live plants, and change water twice a week even though it is cycled. ADF's are sensitive to ammonia but don't do full tank scrub downs or you will lose bb and ruin your cycle. Also vacume gravel once a week. Water change I do 1 20% and 1 50%. Keep an eye on levels too but otherwise they have been together for a while now and are quite a good pair if I say so. Bilbo panics if I remove Aquarius even because he gets lonely and Aquarius has attacked me for going after Bilbo because he likes to dig around the plants and expose the weights. <.<
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