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The issue then is - how are you going to make enough money without getting a real job to support caring for the horse (boarding and all). You can only sell so much in garage sales and selling plants won't cover this.

You may want to revisit talking to your mom about allowing you to get a job. Maybe if you can get her reasons for not allowing you to, then you can reassure her somehow. When we were kids my dad didn't want us to get a job as a bag boy at the local Military Commissary. My friends were making 100bucks a day on weekends. His reasoning was that if we started earning money then, we might not get the motivation to excel in school, graduate with a degree and land a better job. He was right as some of my friends are still bag "boys" now, even though they are in their thirties, while I get to travel the world and get paid well for it.

In any regards, talk to you mom and see if she would relent on the job issue.
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Originally Posted by Gracie8890 View Post
Thankyall, but i do understand what im getting into. I spent years around horses, I've been bucked off. They have spooked on me. I know how to care for one and everything involved like farrier, vet, vaccinations, deworming, teeth floating, feed, tack, etc. All of that is included with the board.well, the health stuff anyway. Its 375 a month for board, that includes boarding, farrier,vet,etc. But it doesn't include emergency vet visits for something like colic or thrush. I know that. Thanks for your concern on my safety kinetic, but i know what im betting into. Horses are 1ton creatures that can kill you. I know. Ive almost been trampled by one, ive been bitten, i even got kicked once!

I'm just going to say, that I think that price is a rip off. well, depending on where you live. But I normally pay around 100-150/horse, to be stalled and fed. 375/month, thats 4500/year, is a lot of money, more than I bet you'd spend going to a barn without the health stuff included and paying for them out of pocket. --Again this is probably depending on where you live, I live in ohio so horses are common, but when I lived in seattle prices were 100 higher than here.

Edit:: Have you thought about leasing a horse? On they have a lot of people trying to lease out their horses normally, and all you'd have to pay for is the board and health stuff, sometimes they might charge a little per month for you to use them, but you can normally keep them on the person who owns it's property, or you can get an offsite lease. I actually have one of mine out on an off-site right now and its working very well

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Yes, we actually did lease for a month, but we stopped for a month because we were going on vacation for about a month, and i keep asking about leasing again, but my mom keeps putting it off. And yea i know that the board cost is a rip off. But i live in the suburbs and shes the only person around who boards horses. And im hoping my mom will give me a job at her business shes opening in march, so that will help. And im not planning to make this money over the course of a few months. I know it will take a year or more. And by then i can get a real job.
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