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Alex definitely seems to have a bit more color in this picture. I can see the black spots that you're talking about on her dorsal fin, and I think that might just be the coloring. I know that all of my blue bettas have had those spots in their fins, and my black and copper betta, Amaro has them as well. So long as they're not rotting away and they're not raised off the fin, I think it's safe to say it's the coloring.

It's great that Alex's pectoral fins are growing in! That's a good sign, if I ever saw one. :)

You can hold off on the salt bath for a couple of days, I think that's probably a good idea. If it persists, though after a couple days, I would try one or two baths.

How is Alex swimming today? Any better than she has been?
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It's a little better, but I think she's floaty again because I couldn't resist feeding her a tiny pellet.

I'm going to fast all my bettas tonight and tomorrow morning -- It helps I won't be home tonight :)
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Last update before Alex goes back to school (my son had a fever today, so no school for them).

He takes pellets, but not as eagerly as he took the brine shrimp.

Fin growth has been great and his caudal fin kinda hangs behind him a little.

Alex's SBD seems to have gone away after two epsom salt baths and a 1.5 day fast. Stress bands are faded from yesterday, but he's more lethargic and spends more time resting on the bottom of the tank now that he doesn't float all the time. However, I didn't do a water change today and that's usually when he's most active. I also didn't get to look at him until about the time his lights go out. He only had a dark cycle of about 8 hrs last night... can fish get sleep deprived?

He also sometimes floats off the bottom of the tank, head first. That has me worried, since its new behavior I haven't seen before but he usually wakes up and rights himself again. (image 3)

Last night, around 12:30, he decided to stop swimming and just plopped down at the bottom of the tank. I can't decide whether he was attempting to sleep or expressing how poorly he feels.

We also got him a little castle over the weekend. He seems to like it, since he'll hide in/under/near it. (last image)
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