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Old 03-26-2013, 09:09 PM   #81 
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Moon Rain:
It was raining outside when I brought him home in the evening, hence his name.

This boy took forever to name. Nothing seemed good enough for such a beautiful boy. Finally, after about three weeks, I decided on Majestiad. I miss him a lot. :(

I named this girl the second I saw her at Petsmart. xD She reminded me of a rose so switched the word around and got Esor.

My sister's fish. I guess she named him something aquatic-related because it's fitting? ^^
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Blue Fish
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he's blue and white, and I wanted an old-fashioned name that started with a B for blue. ;) Buckley was a good, solid, dependable name, and Buckley is a HUGE DeT fish who is somewhat opinionated, but overall very sedate but curious. :) He leisurely comes over for a swim, checks out what's going on, then goes back to his leaves for a nap until it's time to eat again. He rarely flares at other fish, but will flare at his own reflection in the filter or in my black laptop for hours. Apparently he's a big-bad-dude and no-one else is as intimidating as he is to himself. ;) He HATES going into quarantine tanks or anything smaller than his 10 gallon. He swims around, glares at me, swims around some more...seems impatient...ready and waiting to go back into HIS house. ;)

he's a marble CT with splashes of scarlet, blue, cream, and pinks, and I wanted, again, an old-fashioned name (to go with Buckley) that started with S for scarlet. :) When he was smaller he was a fighter, always flaring at Buckley, but as he's grown up he's become very large, and just ignores his tank mate. It's very much a sense of "whatever, I can crush you like a bug, but it would be too much trouble." ;) He sleeps in his castle, and I've always thought it was funny. He's lord of his tank, and he knows it. :)

Geoffrey and Chaucer:
They came together, and it seemed like fun to name them after the famous poet. :)
Geoffrey was in terrible condition, his ammonia was so bad the cup was yellow, his gills were red and inflamed, his poor scales were sloughing off, and his tail had been bitten down to a nub. In the store he was a light, lemony yellow, and as he's grown healthier he's become a mustard-yellow with some darker markings along his scales. He's not the prettiest fish in the world, but he more than makes up for it with personality. :) He still tail-bites (though it's much better), but I'm fairly certain he's a DeT.
Chaucer is, simply put, beautiful. He's my one and only DT, and his colors are soft pinks and reds, creams and just a bit of aqua-green, pastels, with a lovely golden metallic dusting. (At first I worried he had a fungal infection, but it's just his color.) He was also something of a rescue, as the fish in the cups around him had bent spines and seemed to be having trouble swimming. He seemed healthy, but I was concerned that his neighbors might have fish he came home and went into quarantine. He has proven healthy, and I've discussed the others with some members here who have agreed that the other fish were likely simply birth defects or defects from being cupped as there were several with the same issues.

He was actually supposed to go to a friend's daughter...but the friend was flighty and couldn't seem to get a tank Toulouse stayed. For months he was Blue Fish...but finally he got his own name and officially became part of the group. ;) Toulouse is a blue, black, and metallic teal CT, and he's a *tough* little dude! From the get-go, he was determined to fight with Somerset, who was twice his size. Sommey, of course, just ignored him. Toulouse is named for the French Impressionist painter, Toulouse-Lautrec, who was known for his running with the "unsavory" theatrical crowd and the French bar scene. ;) I can totally see my Toulouse getting into it with some very much larger, drunk, patron. ;)

Copper is a goldfish-gold/copper and cellophane VT. Hence the name... :) I've always loved the color of gold-fish, and when I saw him for sale at Petco for a dollar...he had to come home. I had (LOL!) thought I was done purchasing fish...but Copper NEEDED to come home and become part of the group. :) He's my
"goldfish" betta. ;) Now, if only I could find one that was Koi colored, I'd be all set... :)

yes, he IS a boy. Roslyn is a very old-fashioned name of Germanic origin (meaning gentle horse), and, spelled this way, is a MALE name. There. Made that clear. ;) Roslyn, like Copper, gets his name from his color. He is a beautiful pink bodied fish with tiny crimson freckles on his face, darkening to crimson on his fins, and then finishing out his fins with a deep purple-blue. He is a very sweet, gentle boy who rarely flares, further fitting his name. I was shocked to find such a beautiful fish at walmart, so he came home. He's a VT.

Emmett is an EE with a silvery-purple body and fins edged in white and silver. He really is a lovely boy, but very shy. In the store he was a pretty light purple, and I was really pleased that once he came home and got healthy that his color darkened and deepened out quite a bit, adding in a lot more purple and his fins went from almost completely white to purple/silver rimmed in white.

Duncan also came from walmart. He's a black and metallic green CT, who had some hardwater damage to his fins, giving him a curly look. They're slowly starting to uncurl, but it gives him a flouncy look that's actually quite appealing. I had always wanted a green betta, and I'd hoped that Duncan would add more green in, but, so far, he's staying as-is. He's a good-sized boy, and very brave. His name means Dark Skinned Warrior, and it just seemed to fit my little black fighting fish to a T. ;)

Toying with the idea of starting a sorority and naming them all after female hobbits. ;)

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Blue Fish
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Originally Posted by Sparrowhawk View Post
Awesome names and reasons for them everyone! It's really interesting hearing about them! ^.^

I've got a Thai import arriving this week, he's a white DTHMPK. My partner and I are either going to name him Gandalf or Saruman, hehe. Of course, we had to continue with our sci-fi/fantasy references with names for our fishies. Which one we choose will depend on his personality. If he's a grouch, he shall be Saruman. If he's a kindly chap, he'll be Gandalf. :P He may end up being called Saruman anyway, as the seller sent me a different fish to the one I originally purchased because the one I bought initially developed a red wash. I'm assuming this will be possible with the little guy that's getting out of quarantine tomorrow and being shipped to me, so perhaps Saruman is more appropriate, as if he changes, he can just be Saruman of Many Colors instead of Saruman the White. :P
LOL! Oh someone desperately needs to name a white fish Gandalf...oh, and hobbit fish... LOL!! Perfect!
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Old 03-30-2013, 07:35 PM   #84 
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I don't actually have a betta yet (planning to get mine on Monday!), but I'm going to name it after one of the crocodiles at the Australia zoo, because I love crocodiles and Steve Irwin was just such a big inspiration to me, he is the reason I love animals.
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Old 04-02-2013, 12:05 AM   #85 
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My boy is named Renji after the character from the anime Bleach. It was because of his red color and his tail reminded me of Renji Abarai's trademark red ponytail. And now that hes doing better he's showing off a fiestyness that would rival with the lieutenant of the 6th division of soul society lol
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Old 04-02-2013, 12:21 AM   #86 
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My guy is named Parli, after the kind of debate I compete in on the collegiate level (parliamentary debate). I tossed around names forever, but could not think of something more honorable for my little buddy! He also lives on my desk, so he will need a healthy appreciation of debate since it's what he watches me do for the most part! He is a good little buddy.
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Reference Team
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My first and only Betta is named Kaida, meaning 'little dragon' in Japanese.
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Peach, VT and my first betta: My best friend named him. X3

Count Manzeppi, HM: I named him after one of my favorite villains from the 60s tv series The Wild, Wild West. Lol, Robert Conrad would never forgive me if I told him I named my fish after the villain. XD
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Old 05-02-2013, 09:39 AM   #89 
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i fot inspired by how my betta was red, and by the fact that he has a flowy tale(twin tail half moon), so i called him sunny, but my friends call him superfish:) the betta fish in the class is a black and blue veil tail, and they called him batfish:) make sense, batman and superman?:):):):):):):)
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Old 05-02-2013, 01:22 PM   #90 
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I named my Betta Walter because I'm a fan of Breaking Bad.

I plan to name my next fish Wheatley (from Portal 2)
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