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AK Fresh Water
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Originally Posted by callistra View Post
I'm sorry you lost him :(

Melafix will do absolutely nothing for this infection, I'm afraid.. like trying to throw neosporin at someone with septicemia.
I figured that it wouldn't work for an already infected fish, but I thought maybe it would help prevent it from actually spreading. I mean, the bacteria would have to swim through the treated water before attacking another fish right? I wasn't entirely sure if it would work, but I figured better safe than sorry.
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I'm sorry for your loss.

Mycobacteria has a waxy coating, which makes it difficult to kill. Even bleach, which kills just about everything else, is not highly effective.

From an article: Mycobacterial Infections of Fish - Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (November 2011):

"Mycobacterial organisms are more resistant to disinfection protocols than most bacteria encountered in aquaculture settings. A waxy coating in the cell wall of mycobacteria gives them extra protection from many common disinfectants, including bleach. Effective mycobacteriocidal agents include LysolŪ ... sodium chlorite, and ethyl alcohol at 50 or 70 percent concentrations.... Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite)... is only moderately effective in reducing the number of mycobacterial agents in the environment."
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I'm so very sorry, I really hoped I was mistaken.
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Reference Team
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Yup, that sound exactly like the mystery disease. Hopefully you can be comforted by the fact that it typically sticks to bettas and that he probably contracted it weeks ago- before you had him. Once they get to the point of greying, his organs have failed and not even the most experienced betta keeper could save him. Do not add another betta to either of the tanks he was in, it is very contagious. Sorry for your loss.
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Actually, it sounds like they aren't really sure how it is spread. It is suspected to be genetic and lay dormant in bettas until stress triggers it. Although it has affected other bettas (with rumors of gourmais also being infected) it doesn't sound like it is highly contagious. Some people have bettas in split tanks and have had one die of this and another be unaffected. So I wouldn't say to not get another betta, but I would suggest cleaning the tanks before adding one.
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