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I have a quick question... How should I do this?

I have had my Betta (Lindo) for just over a year and he has been in a Aqueon 1/2 gallon tank with no heater or filter and has been doing just fine.

BUT, after reading info on this message board I went and bought him a Marina Betta Mini Heater and it seems like it is heating his little tank too much. The temp is around 86 degrees, and he is acting a little funny.
So, I went to Wal-Mart and bought him a Tetra 1.5 Cube LED Aquarium.
I have spring water in it right now (our tap water is bad), I added a little betta safe, and I am going to put him in it tomorrow.

How should I put him in his new tank?

I was thinking I should take his heater and put it in the new tank, let it heat up to around 80-82 degrees, and while the heater is out of his old tank his water should go down from 86 (the temp it is now) to around 80-82 while the new tank is heating up.

So by the time I add him to his new tank the temps should be about the same.

Does that sound like a good plan?

Any ideas? Let me know. Thanks! :)
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Also, here are some pics of my little buddy:

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I have the marina betta heater too. I would surgest with that heater is to never have a solid lid over the the tank use craft mesh. It has a tendicy to heat the water a little bit to well. you can also cut out every other line of the craft mesh too to allow more air. I used this heater with less then a half gal, then with a gal and I know where your coming from. It'll get easier with a bigger tank but I would still surgest a lid that allows airflow. I heard reports of it over heating a 2.5 with a heavy lid.

I like this heater despite you know issues, but now that I found out how it heats to the tempiture of my room I can keep my tank at a pretty steady rate depending how closed my lid is. notice how my lid is proped up. It was a warmer day. The red mark is covered up by the orange plant. Hee hee. But that's what I am talking about.

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How is your tap water bad? All tap water has unfavorable things in it, why you use water conditioner to bind the metal, remove ammonia, etc... tap water with conditioner is more ideal than spring water due to lack of the minerals that are important for fish that isn't in spring water - not to mention will get costly as you will need to be doing 2x a week water change in that size of a tank.

Place the heater in the new tank, turn it on, wait a while until it gets to the right temp (use an in water thermometer), then float the betta in the new tank for about 30 minutes - during which you will want to remove some of the water from his cup (pour it out) and replace it with tank water.. want to do that at least 4 times while he is floating.. roughly 25% change each time... then let him loose.

That is the proper way to introduce fish to new water - so they adjust to both the temp and the chemistry of the new water. If you only adjust to temp you run the risk of him going into osmotic shock from a pH difference, among other things.
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