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Giant bettas are absolute piggies

I came home from work a few days ago to find my steel blue male grossly distended to the point his belly scales were standing straight up. It looked like he swallowed a large marble! He was laying on his side and looked to be laboring quite a bit as his gills were beating rather quickly. He swam to the top to get a breath of air then I see him swim to a piece of food, eat it, make it halfway to the bottom of the tank before he spits the food out. I watch him do this a few more times as I'm getting the hospital tank out, prime, epsom salts, etc. before I realize there is no way there should be food in the tank as he was fed at 5am that morning. The water level was high enough that I couldn't see all the food floating around on top of the water. Oh my gosh at the food in there! I took the lid off and started scooping out the food. There was easily 1/4 of the bottle of fish food floating around in there.

One of my daughters friends decided to feed him while she was over for a visit earlier that day but of course NOBODY admits to it.

He's OK now but it was looking bad for about 24 hours. This fish was sooo full yet just kept eating. What a pig!
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Ouch! Hide the food lol.. yeah, fast him for about 3 days and see how he does then.. I wouldn't worry about the Epsom salt just yet as it's best to let his body work through it. If he becomes constipated or still having trouble after the 3 days then you can do the Epsom salt.. otherwise his body just needs time to digest without being "rushed".
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