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Old 12-31-2012, 04:04 PM   #1 
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How to use "water changers"?

I am TRYING to set up a npt 29-gallon sorority tank. I say "trying" b/c since Dec. 20, I've ad to fill, empty, re-fill due to the soil substrate clouding the tank. I mistakenly added salt to the tank b/c it's supposed to "promote fish health, color and vitality". Someone made me aware that the salt will kill my plants. SO NOW I HAVE TO CHANGE 29 GALLONS OF WATER AGAIN.

The question: I've purchased 3 "water changers" and I cannot get them to work. They all have a tube on one end and lots of tubing. Videos simply show someone pushing the tube up and down 4 times,and magically, the water flows away! (I've pushed the tube up and down a million times! Doesn't work!) One has an attachment to work on a faucet; I have 4 faucets in my apartment; not of them can accommodate the stupid plastic "adapter". I tried taping, making a wax sealant, nothing. I even broke my showerhead in the process.

It is simple faster (3 hours) to bail the tank & bring buckets back and forth. Is there an easier way?
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My sink attachment is crap too, it doesn't stay attached at all. I've ordered a metal one and I'll let you know if that one does any better.

In the meantime, a short water changer with a priming pump will make vacuuming MUCH easier. You just squeeze the pump until the water starts flowing, no extra work required.
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Old 01-24-2013, 02:07 PM   #3 
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I have a vacuum gravel cleaner with the hand pump. I can start it fine, it siphons about a quart of water and looses suction. I've added hose clamps at all the hose joints. Still the same problem.

I bought a Lee's Ultimate Gravel Vacuum. That began another tale of woe. First, the faucet didn't fit, was male s/b female. I finally found at Home Depot a usable adaptor. I got the same results, it would start flowing and then stop. I also added clamps to each tubing joint, no help.

Can anybody suggest any thing I should try so I can get these things to work properly? HELP, HELP!!!!!!!
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