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The two I lost were in an isolation tank w/ water from the other 2 tanks and treated water. one did not last 2 days; the other I put in w/ the 2 girls. They swam around a bit, but no fighting. The next morning, she was looking ill. I put her in the 29 gallon, which I have been setting up FOREVER. She died in that. I put 5 cory cats in yesterday- they are doing well. I have a Master Test kit, and all my tanks are within normal parameters
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I'm so sorry about your girls! I would venture to say that you did not directly cause their deaths; they were stressed and sick to begin with. That first one especially, poor baby.

However, I am learning that sororities can be really tricky places, especially for new fish. Its' probably best to make sure all your girls are in tip top shape before you introduce them to the community, and then, when you're/they're ready, take everybody out, rearrange the tank, and then put them all in again at the same time. This erases the hierarchy. I think you have to do this every time you have an addition.

Also, even if there isn't any direct fighting, a new fish put into an established sorority will be stressed. They have to quickly defend themselves and attempt to find a place in the hierarchy. If the girl is sick to begin with, this could push her over the edge.

Again, I'm so sorry this happened to you. Hopefully next time will go more smoothly. Seriously, see how others do thier sorority introductions, maybe that will help.
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I have one problem girl, Gilly. I named her not only b/c of the obvious, but also the Saturday Night Live character who was always causing trouble. She wants the top 2/3 of the tank to herself-period, end of subject. Angel, whom I named b/c she's sweet, does not challenge Gilly on anything. That's why they don't fight! Angel is allowed to come up for air anytime, no problem with them eating together, she is allowed to bump Gilly during feeding, but she is happier swimming through the plants at a lower level. She just avoids Gilly during the day. Gilly will be the tough nut in the 29-gal, which is stocked w/ cory cats and snails. I want to wait an add maybe an odd # of girls at the same time? I will have to spend the day watching them. I think Gilly will be the one to yank- I've never seen her nip, but she is just a little full of herself!!

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so sorry about your loss! i had it out with the petsmart manger(s) where i live right before christmas. i dont want to describe what i woke up to one morning.... but i finally have a sorority going, albeit everyone is the same color.
O well. it starts with feeling sorry for ONE, suddenly you are attacking pet store managers.
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