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squish them against the side of the tank and your betta will then have a nice tasty escargo treat. Arthur comes bolting across his tank when he sees me squishing an unwanted pond snail
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Snails do seem to like anubias and java ferns as a place to stick their egg clusters...probably because they are slow growing and firmer than many other plant leaves and stems. When you have overpopulation or snails, their egg clusters can practically encase the leaves...just remember that this is a Major clue that you are overfeeding your tank! (see, it is all your fault!.Lol...that is what happened in one of mine...the anubias almost died before I controlled it by 1, rehoming some snails in other tanks, 2, decreased feeding by quite a bit;...3, and yes, squishing tons of snails on tank walls, decorations, branches....oh and of course, scraping off tons of egg clutches!

Bettas do like protein snacks of smushed snails, but the bigger gouramis like them even better!
If you decide to keep your hitch hiker, be prepared to do all 3 or 4 of these things...or some variation of these things (my mom pulls the snails out and let's them dry up in a dish over night, then throws them in garbage.)
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I'm a pond snail lover. I get them for free @ petco. 1st, they make great betta snacks! If they lay eggs- yummy treats again! (The pond snails lay their eggs above the waterline, so if you see a glob of eggs, just push them down into the tank.) If 1 or 2 survive, they munch on dead leaves & detritus. I have a few larger Ramshorns to help w/ tank cleaning. I surrendered my Apple snails b/c they were messy & the female bettas harassed them. My male betta is also a complete wuss about his apple snail, and will only build a bubble nest in a snail-free environment!
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