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How often to change water?

About a week ago I bought a Betta fish and I'm wondering how often I need to change the water? Do I do 50% water changes weekly or more than that? It's a 2 gal tank with an air pump and heater but no filter. Also, my Betta fish won't eat, however I've read that's common when they're new because they might be stressed. But I've been feeding him pellets from PetSmart made for Betta's twice a day (I also have freeze dried bloodworms but he won't eat those either) and they're starting to pile up in the gravel and it just looks gross :/ so when can I clean the gravel without messing up the chemical balance or stressing him out further?
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I would do 2 a week. One 50% and one 100% with gravel cleaning to get all the poop and food out of the tank.
When you do the water changes, it's less stressful if you use a cup instead of a net and be sure to slowly aclimate him back into the new water.
It can take them a week or more before they eat.
You don't need the airpump as they breathe air from the surface. Is it one for an undergravel filter? If so, I would just remove it and do the weekly water changes. I know some of the smaller tanks come with an airstone and undergravel filter setup, I don;t bother with them. Takes up space and creates a current the betta might not like

Do you have a pic of the tank?
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You'll need to take out any extra food.. Ideally right after he's full to prevent ammonia from building up more than it normally would. With a tank that size, at least one 50% and one 100% weekly... Clean the substrate during the 100% changes. Since you do not have a filter, the tank wont cycle so you dont have to worry about chemical imbalances. You may need to switch out the pellets. My betta wouldnt eat the regular sized betta pellets so I had to buy the micro pellets and he loves those.

How many times a day do you feed your guy and how much do you feed in each sitting?

Ninja'd! Lol
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+1 to Tiki

Also, it might help to read this: water change schedule recommendations
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Thank you all for the help! And I have been feeding him twice a day once when I wake up and again when I sleep, usually about 2-3 pellets. And here is a picture of the tank! I apologize if the quality is bad, this is a new computer and I'm still not quite sure what I'm doing haha. But there is an undergravel filter and airstone and such that you mentioned above! Do you think I should just take it all out? It'd give him a lot more room.
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