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Originally Posted by Sakura8 View Post
Hi SpeakNow, I'm sorry I could not reply to your message sooner but from what I've read I would not have been able to help. :(

When a fish is still and then suddenly they have a strange burst of energy and die, it means their internal organs are in the process of shutting down. When that happens, nothing at all can be done. :(

But you did a good thing. You gave him warm and clean water to be in for the last hours of his life so he will die knowing what it is like to be loved. And he gets to die in dignity, not forgotten on some shelf at Walmart.

I'm so sorry that I couldn't be of any help to you.
I know I shouldn't get them but its so hard to see them so miserable and not do something. Thanks for your time anyway :)
What caused his fins to break apart like that?
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If his gills are moving he's not dead.. don't take him out of the water until he's passed.. You can have as little as one movement per several minutes.

I'm sorry I think he was just too far gone, but you did your best.

Ammonia poisoning or bacterial rot caused that.
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Severe fin rot probably caused his fins to break apart like that. When the rot is bad enough, the fins will literally disintegrate like you saw and you'll even see pieces of fin on the bottom of the tank/cup.
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