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Is life without pectoral fins a bad life?

I recently started my sorority, I am up to 17 females and counting but one of my females is missing her pectoral fins.
Is she suffering or doesnt bother bettas not to have pectoral fins?
Also some of my bettas are supposed to be giant bettas how long would they take for them to fully grow?
i started a thread about my sorority and i posted a video so you guys can see some of my females.
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life without pectorals are perfectly fine! Some just dont end up growing them form water conditions or food when they were babies, and they dont know any different. It doesnt effect their swimming ability or anything so no worries!

I think betta's are fully grown at 8 months, so it depends on the age of your giants?
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Pectorals help in the forward/backward movement and holding still.. she may of adapted to not having any. As long as she is swimming fine and eating good then there is no need to worry.

Fish continue to grow throughout their lives - never stop, but slows down more and more as they age. It's not uncommon to have some go through growth spurts at 9 months to a year old. A lot of it will depend on how big the tank is, how the water quality is and what they are eating. Do be careful with giants.. a lot of them tend to be a lot more brutal than the average betta. Have seen/known of giants just taking chunks out of normal sized bettas.. will depend on each of your betta's personality.
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