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Sena Hansler
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Yikes... Sorry you saw that. It isn't the greatest childhood memory for sure -.-;
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ya it wasnt but im okay now, it just hurts to think about it
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Okay... Stirring this back to the topic at hand:

Fish keeping isn't cheap, I started out thinking that it was, all it needed was a tank, food, conditioner and the fish.

I was so wrong, it is a very laborious hobby. Even more than having a cat, hamster, of the sort.
(I don't include dog because they are hard work too)

Good thing about fish keeping is that it gets cheaper than any pet when you have everything set and you can adopt more at a very low cost.

Being a college student I know what I am saying because I am with a budget.
Now, who will be your friend?

- Dollar stores

Cheap temporary things can be bought there.

Plastic tub/tupper like places you can get to be your temporary tank, as well as 2gallon jars (around 3-4liters)
Cheap hiding places for your tank like coffee mugs, bowls, pots...

The thing you may need in urgency is a heater, like people said, adjustable heaters are great because you can always adapt the heat to your fish needs.

Then perhaps some aquarium salt (not kitchen salt) will help the fungus if you cannot afford any fish medicine against it.

And if you can get your hands on Oak leaves or Indian almond leaves it will help the healing as well.

If you have the budget:

- Fungus medication
- Anti-bacterial medication
- Anti parasitical medication
- Epsom salts

you should get them in that order, these are the medications that can save your fish in a time of need, it's nice to always have them at hand :)

If not with the basics:

- Aquarium salt
- Epsom salt
- Indian almond leaves or oak leaves

A water testing kit is not necessary but it is helpful sometimes when you cannot determine what is wrong with your fish because it is probably something in the water that is wrong.

You can get a master liquid testing kit, or if you are short on money, PH and Ammonia.

Now, as people said QT your bettas in separate places, keep an eye on them and make sure they aren't sick as well.

If you cannot afford 3 heaters then I recommend what I have done to keep my betta's warm while I can afford 2 more heaters, because they got smashed.

Get 1 plastic, glass tub, put the heater there at 28-27C, or 78F, with a bit of water then house your fish in jars like in the picture I will show you.

The heater will heat up the water and keep the jars warm, this is what I was setting up for them XD as a temp thing
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heck, you can keep a betta in those giant pretzel jars...those sourdough pretzels from costco?(YOU EVEN HAVE A COVER OMG! :D xD) You could use a lot of different things to keep your betta happy and healthy, they just aren't aesthetically appealing at all xD

I once euth'd a gecko that mom sprayed chemicals on on by putting him in a bag (white thank god) and dropping a big heavy brick on him. That's a better way imo. than hammering...that must be scary D; I like the clove/vodka method. sounds fine.

OP, sad that it started out badly, but at least you became aware. If you are aware, you can definitely change. Post craigslist ads for your remaining fish if you want to start over with just one. I'm sure someone will be willing to take them.

After all your unwanted fish are gone, sanitize your tank but keep the filter in water(so bb doesn't dry out). I would use vinegar and water, rinse really really well.
As for your tank size, is it 30cm x30cm or 30in? (wait did i even read that right it's really early and I stayed up all night because i discovered this great new energy shot that is just really concentrated tea no sugar doesn't irritate me xD /random sorry). If it's the bigger of the two, i recommend getting a self priming siphon to help remove the water. I just got one but I have not used it yet.

Yeah, I was in for a surprise when my little $9(would have been $14 but i used a coupon) ended up costing me well over $100 to be a 'good owner'+ feed my aesthetic side...I could have bought a cheaper tank but I wanted the pretty glass one with the pretty fountain. I didn't mind the cost though. He's super fun to have and I love him. I think starting up is the expensive part if you only have one. Maintaining isn't bad at all. Especially for the reward of being greeted with a, 'feed me omnomnom' face. xD
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ok ok from this point on we are not going to talk about smashing its making my heart drop every time i read and visualise these sanarios
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And we're going to get back on topic. :) Carry on.
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I love the creativity of your setup asukabetta
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so far,
now since i have 1 betta left (with Tiny gone and my other female in an about to die state after the clear signs of dropsy just appeared this afternoon at my friends place where i tried to rehome her. my other fish are still with me)

I'm now just trying to get the fella to get use to the betta food i purchased. He doesn't look like he's use to the little grains and still prefers flakes. have to see how he responds over the next few days.
Heater comes in handy especially since we turn the AC on every now and then. (even though its not really a must to have one in my country.)
At the moment i'm not sure what else to do.

i'll check out the store here to see if i can get the basic stuff i need in case any of my fish get sick again.


oh and just a note about the releasing fish to the wild part. people here use to do that when the "Lohan fish" or Flowerhorn cichlid crazy died down here. many people bought the fish because there was a myth that if you stare hard enough at the fish's body, you will see the winning numbers for the lottery reflected on its scales. when the people got such of the fish, they dumped them into one of the reservoir here and the fish eventually took over the whole reservoir. I don't know how badly the eco system became after that.

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Originally Posted by eatmice2010 View Post
ya because the betta is out to kill dogs and birds, i also hear they like to kill people also so, if your going to use a simile use one that has a common element with a betta fish, and whos to say the she wouldnt have healed, and why give it away if we have your beautiful hammer technique (sarcasm)
how can you smash something you love!!
if you aint happy how about you pay for the shipping of OP and take the fish from him to that you can give them proper care? Asking people to shut up and grow up with your attitude isn't quite something you are in position to do with your point of views son.

EDIT: didnt read the thread afterwards but seems like you guys are fine, cheers

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I'm aware of that now and if i had found this site soon enough probably would have.
But that discussion is in the past now
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