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Unhappy My betta fish isn't eating!

I have housed bettas for years, even training them to jump 7 inchs high in the air to receive food, I taught them to swim threw hoops and follow the finger even though they aren't schooling fish. Recently I had to go on a vacation it was 2 nights and the person responsible for carin for my betta king and my gold fish jaws decided they "forgot" to feed them. So he was only fed 2 times that entire week . I fed him as soon as I got home. He ate but within the last few days he has refused to eat. People tried telling me that it's because he has no heater and filtering system but I kept a betta for 5 and a half years in a half gallon bowl in my kitchen. We never had a problem. I have had several bettas since living up to a minimum of 1 and a half years. My betta is only 4 months. He's a beautiful male and when he's healthy his colours are radiant and interesting. Easily being the prettiest I have ever owned. I don't want to loose him.
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Well, since you have already gotten the talk about how Bettas are a tropical fish and need a heater, lets go over basics.

What is your water chemistry (pH, amonia, nitrate, nitrite, hardness, and so on)
What is the temp?
Do you do pwc and if so, how often?
Do you have a filter? If so, which one?
What does the fish look like? Are there any injuries, discolorations, sunk in belly, bloating, raised scales, or other changes?
How much does he normally eat? Which food? How much now?
Is he behaving abnormally other than refusing food? If so, how?
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What is the size of his tank? Is it cycled?

What is in the tank other than him (plants, substrate, decor...)? Anything new?

Does he have a lighting schedule? How many hours per day? Was he able to stay on it while you were gone?

The answers to these questions can help us narrow down what exactly is going on with your little man, so please answer
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Welcome to the forum....I am going to move your thread to the proper section so you will get more response from our members-not that you haven't got some great responses already.

I hope you will create another thread in "Meet the keeper introduction" and properly introduce yourself.

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