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Betta Fish 101?

So, the tank my Betta is in currently has an undergravel filter along with an air pump, etc. I was wondering if I should remove all this because I've read that these aren't necessary for them? Also, should I get a filter for my Betta fish? Honestly, from what I've read they sound a little difficult like I don't understand the whole concept of "cycling" my tank. If anyone would care to explain that to me it would be very helpful! I've read that I can use live plants instead of a filter too? I don't understand that either so if someone could explain that too haha. Thank you all!
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Sometimes it can be made to sound difficult and confusing regarding Betta keeping-especially with all the info on the internet. Lots and lots of different ways to successfully keep a Betta IMO/E...its finding what works best for you, your Betta and what you have available as long as you meet the basic needs.

Here is a sticky that might help explain the nitrogen cycle-ask questions on what you don't understand and we will be happy to help...

IMO/E the UGF is fine to use with a Betta, however, it will limit the type of live plant species you can keep-since it is important to keep the UGF plates unobstructed so they function properly.
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