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Talking The saga of Raxacoricofallapatorius

A few weeks ago, I got this little guy from my LFS. He was really tiny, skinny, and had pretty extensive fin rot. Even in this sorry state, sitting in his little 5oz cup, I saw something in his face that made me take him home that night. Here's what he looked like then:

I got him home, fixed up one of my roomy 32oz cups for him with some plants and AQ salt, plopped him in, and fed him. But, once he saw those whiteworms, he went nuts! It was a few days before he would eat anything that wasn't wiggly, but now he's a bloodworm eating machine.

Most of the "Halfmoon" bettas my LFS gets in are actually deltas, but this guy has a perfect 180* spread. His fins haven't grown back yet but he's colored up and loves flare time.

Here's him 2-3 days later:

And here is him tonight:

Please excuse the IAL stained water. I keep all my containers that dark, but it makes taking photos kinda hard. His markings are actually steel blue. =D

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What a cutie pie! I can't wait to see photos of him a few weeks from now, his colors showed up within just a few days I can't imagine how much more colorful he will be in a week.

I've gotten those looks from Bettas before... my boy Punkin just gave me that look that melted my heart and I had to take him home. I've had him for little over a year now :)
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Oh, what a gorgeous boy and a great story! I love it when you find that one Betta- the one that seems to speak to you. It's how I got both of my boys aha. He is just beautiful!
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Yep, thats how I ended up with 6 adult males and my lovely female! I was very proud of myself the other night: I went to the pet store for dog food, and DID NOT walk out of there with the prettiest orange and green CT boy. I've got enough water changes as it is!

Depending on how Rax turns out, he may get to breed. He's got nice even lobes, and a great spread. I think that the faults he does have can be fixed with a nice female. Plus, I think marble/grizzle and DT would be loads of fun to play with!
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Love the name and the colors :) Rax is a cute nickname. Since my Raxacoricafallapatorious is a girl, I call her Raxa XDDD
Anyways, he's a beaut and I can't wait until his fins grow it, keep us updated, okay? :)
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