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Best Xmas gift ever

Long story short.

I joked about wanting a fish tank for some time now for Kratos so he can have fishie friend to keep him company. Evidently on Xmas morning I opened a gift from my brother, and surely it was a 10 gallon starter set. I set it up and started cycling it.

At first I was worried about Kratos being a solitaire fish since I brought him home a year ago, that he might be aggressive to other fish. He is very protective of his watery kingdom from intruders or foreign object placed in or near his bowl. After days of searching on fish that get along with Betta, I saw someone mention Cories. After intense research on Cory Catfish, I decided to get 3 to test out Kratos temperament with them.

Off to the petstore to get some fish. I was pretty amazed on the selection Petsmart had for Cories. In the end I walked out with a baby Panda Cory, and two Jullian Cory siblings.

The hardest part is floating them. More because Kratos who is very curious and his reaction. He did indeed stalk the floating bags with the fish in them to see what crazy crap I am adding to his new kingdom. And then he did his usually behavior, flaring to show who is the boos and he nipped at the bag until he gave up and went sulking in a corner of the tank.

The Cories hang out with each other, and play around or scourging the bottom for fallen flakes to suck up. Occasionally, they get gutsy and start swimming around Kratos to pester the poor guy.

In the end they all get along. Kratos swoops down on them, flaring and starts chasing them around the tank. Of course Bettas are not that fast of a swimmer eventually gives up and goes back doing this thing. So far he hasn't hurt any of the Dugtrio (name I give the Cories, cause they are together digging in the gravel for food, and yes Dugtrio is a Pokemon)

Kratos went from to a 1 gallon bowl to a 10 gallon, and now living happy with little hyper Cories like a boss
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Make sure to supplement the cories' diet with algae wafera and/or some type of bottom feeder pellets. When I had my cories (4 albinos), they loved the Hikari Sinking Tablets and Omega One algae tablets. I had to be sneaky about it with my betta boy because he would love to guard the tablets and eat them lol (I eventually broke up the tablets into four or five pieces before pushing them into the water).
Good luck with your cories!!! They are cute little guys(:
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Haha, great little story! Glad everyone is doing great. I think I read somewhere that cories are happiest with cories of their own kind so you should pick up another panda.
And my Lude nearly killed himself by eating an algae wafer I dropped for the snails.
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Lol yeah Leo looked like he was going to explode when he ate it...and he kept on trying to eat! It was scary haha.
And yeah, cories like to school with their own kind (look at species name). But that doesn't mean that different kinds can't be friends!!
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