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Originally Posted by Quills View Post
Well unfortunately all the stores nearby me were out of stock after boxing week, so I had to get
It's 5 gallon, and it is nice, but has no lid but still seems good. And unfortunately couldn't get my hands on a nice filter, the one I got is so horribly loud that I would rather not turn it on. I also got a heater and moss ball and java fern.
I did also get a ghost shrimp, so right now the situation is that for about twenty minutes my Betta and the shrimp will play and insanely entertaining game of tag, and then my Betta will take a ten minute breather beside the heater, then rinse and repeat (I kind feel left out to be honest). I think I can shove in there one more fish, but will have to decide which one, my Betta is actually very playful and timid, so it should be fine.
Thanks a lot to all of you for suggestions, I shall be buying a better heater and filter in the future according to your suggestions, once the stores restock.
Also if anyone would have any guide on how to care for java fern and what to feed ghost shrimp it would be appreciated (I didn't see the shrimp eat anything the whole day even after all the chases).

I haven't bought a java fern yet. (no one has them around here at the moment). I know my other plants are striving with the new lights a bought. Kinda a money splurge though
I also use the co2 booster and plant food from petsmart
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Sundancex suggested a REALLY nice tank! I saw it the other day. My tanks are on my window sill so I need a slim footprint. I went with the Fluval 5 over a month ago. (a little more expensive, tho) That 6.6 would be an excellent choice!!!
I find that whatever I get, I later wish for larger.
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Java fern you should tie it to some kind of decoration, like driftwood, lava rocks, or even a cave you buy.
You can also plant it but you need to make sure only the roots are planted.

The ghost shrimp will be just fine scavenging whatever food your betta drops on the floor. Also a very tiny piece of an algae wafer once in a while would be great. But when I say tiny I mean minuscule since they are so small
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