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Question Sorority tank + exo terra plant question

Well I'm setting up my sorority tank and this is what I have so far.

All the plants are silk and its lighter on one side because only one light bulb works (the bulbs are new, so actually the hood is the problem). It's a used tank and its pretty old. I bought new light bulbs for it hoping to eventually add some live plants but then the hood pooped out on me, haha! So I'll probably need to find a different hood.... Anyways, is this decorated heavily enough for a sorority? Opinions?

Also, I have a few more plants to add, lol, but one of them is the exo-terra ficus made for terrariums. I've read online that Hagen said these are safe for aquariums but I noticed today while rinsing off the plants that it created a lot of bubbles in the bucket I was rinsing it in... Far more bubbles than the other silk plants that were actually made for aquariums. Should I be concerned? Has anyone else used these exo terra plants in their aquariums? It has a suction cup on it so I could actually use it as a floating plant...

I also have two more midground plants I could add if you think it would've necessary. I don't know if I didn't decorate heavily enough or if I went overboard, haha!

Edit: right now there are 9 silk plants: 3 background, 4 midground and 2 foreground.

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Your tank is so beautiful! I can't wait until the females are in. I have a sorority contest going on, you can check in the contest section if you want. When are you getting your girls?

EDIT: I forgot you had questions. xD The tank is really heavy, the girls will appreciate the cover. Your sorority set up is actually better than mine. I have no idea on the exo terra, sorry.

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I think it is perfect. I even love the color of the silk plants.
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AyalaCookiejar's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Florida
Thanks, guys! I thought that the plants kind of clash with the gravel color, but there is plenty of color, haha :p my boyfriends mom actually asked me how they would be able to swim around since there are so many plants! I was also thinking about moving the small red one to my four gallon back up because it looked kind of out of place... But I think the tank looks better now that I put the hood on and turned on the light (there should be two! D:)

I will hopefully have three of my girls this week but won't be getting the rest til later... I have three one gallon tanks to keep them in until then that I will float in the 10 gallon. And then I will still have to QT the rest for 2 weeks so it'll be awhile before I have them all together :/

Anyways, I just added the heater and the filter is cycling in another tank right now so it will still be awhile for that as well. I'm still trying to decide if I will add the exo-terra plant and the other two midground plants.. I actually do like my two foreground plants because they make the bottom look less bare, although I know I don't really need to worry about the bottom. I might take the two foreground plants out of my VTs 5 gallon and put in one or both of the midgrounds.

Also, the tank is used and the last owner took out the cover thing on the feeding hole. If I can fix the hood and decide to keep it ill have to make some covers for the feeding hole and the hole on the back for the filter out of plexiglass or something..
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