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Exclamation Favorite...

Tank brand? Why?
Fish food? Why?
Tail type on a Betta? Why?
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Originally Posted by Hopelessaddict101 View Post
Tank brand? Why?
Fish food? Why?
Tail type on a Betta? Why?
I typically buy Top Fin because I get the kits usually on sale, they're a nice size foot print wise, they're glass & tend to be longer rather than taller.

Food I've switched to NLS pellets, Omega One Flakes & I feed Hikari frozen foods. These brands are typically recommended by fish keepers & seem to be good quality.

Tail type, well that's not why I purchase a Betta, I look at the overall Betta & whoever "talks" to me is who I usually purchase. But if I were to choose a fave male tail type I lean towards VT because I love seeing those fins flowing as they swim. Female I like CT's a little more.
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Marineland hex 5. The built in filter with the bio wheel works great without causing too much water movement and I like the bio wheel for when I change filters it holds the BB. For looks I like it cause the filter is built into the top so it doesn't take up valuable room in the small tank.

Omega One is the only brand I feed either bettas or my tropical community. It is based in fish, salmon, halibut, cod, herring, shrimp, and krill, rather than fillers like other brands and has never caused me a food related problem. Look at the ingredients and the first thing on the list is usually what there is the most of. If the first ingredient is not some type of fish or shrimp, keep looking.

Fin type = your taste
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I don't have a favorite brand of tanks. Most of mine are Tetra, but they made some changes recently that I don't like as much. I also have an Aqua, which I like a lot, except that it's only a 3-gallon, and I can't find a bigger one from that brand that looks as nice.

The food I'm using now is Spectrum.

I used to say I like VTs the best because that's mostly what I've had, but my Delta has lots of personality as well, and when I had a crowntail, I loved him too. So I guess my favorite is just whatever I have.
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Tank brand? Glass. Why? I like glass over acrylic and I can't afford to be picky about the actually brand name :llol:
Fish food? Overall, it's Omega One. WalMart it's Tetra Why? Omega One has great sized pellets (not to big, but not too small) with wonderful nutrition. When I have to snag something from WalMart, Tetra is the best option. The flakes are pretty good and their foods are copper free which is good for my inverts!

Tail type on a Betta and why? Let me break down my taste...
Veiltail: I love the flowiness of it. It is also my 1st betta tail type. And they also aren't that expensive
Crowntail: Never liked these. They have always looked like they got in a fight and got their tails shredded or have some kind of finrot to me (they don't! I know), but that's just me.
Plaket: Very cute and I love the shorter tail!
Half Moon: Too much tail and prone to tail biting because their tail is too heavy.
Wild: Very cool tails and colorations!
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Tank brand? Why?
None in particular. But I prefer glass to acrylic/plastic. No particular reason. And it will probably be something I regret in the future when a glass tank bursts on me. lol.

Fish food? Why?
If I am using a pellet, NLS Small Fish Formula. It has higher protein than the betta formula and the smaller pieces are easier for the fish to digest. However, when I am not lazy, I prefer to feed frozen with vitamins added to fortify. I think this is easiest for a fish to digest, and have never had a case of SBD or other digestive issues in my fish.

Tail type on a Betta? Why?
I love the look of the HM, rosetails, and the other severely heavy finned fish, but I don't think I would ever keep one again. All those fins make it very difficult for them to swim, and my taste has changed so that I prefer more active, free-swimming fish. So I would say that I prefer HM plakats now. Still get the symmetry, but don't have to deal with the heavy fins.
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I love the look of Mr. Aqua tanks but they are expensive. Finnex makes some nice low iron glass tanks and they come in 4,6, and 9 gallon.

I prefer glass as they are much easier to clean in my opinion and more scratch resistant then acrylic.

I like Hikari Betta Pellets with frozen shrimp and blood worms. I've only had one Betta snub his nose at Hikari but he snub his nose at everything when I first got him. Not even live food got him excited.

A tail is a tail is a tail.
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More from me!
Dang text limit

Doubletail: I tend to stay away from these because of all the genetic problems they often have

HMPK: I think they're neat without the problems of the HM, but to expensive for me.

Basically, I like tales that aren't too long and bettas that aren't too expensive. When it comes to females, I like anything that's not a CT or DT
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Tank type: No preference

Fish Food: At this point, Omega One. I have yet to own a Betta that will refuse Omega One and my tetras like the flake food as well. If I can get my Bettas to eat without fuss, then I know I've found something that works. I also like to buy frozen brine shrimp. It's pretty much a universal food that all of my fish enjoy. I thought it was pretty cute watching my Corydoras trying to chew the shrimp.

Tail type: No preference but I am thinking if I do own male Bettas in the future, then I will no longer be buying veiltails. I am thinking that I might try to find a plakat in the future.

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Tank type: A tank is a tank to me, but I do prefer glass because they don't scratch as easy. I think my favorite tank right now is my 29g, just because the shape of it is totally unique. It's an old Oceanic tank.

Food: I like frozen and live, over pellets, personally. Currently I feed frozen Hikari bloodworms and brine shrimp, live daphnia magna I get from work, and I have NLS, Omega One, and AquaCulture pellets at home. I usually save the Aquaculture for my ghost shrimp and feed the bettas the other two. I like feeding live and frozen over pellets because I feel like it is healthier and more natural for them to eat. Plus, they really seem to enjoy hunting down moving prey! The NLS and Omega one pellets are what people on here recommend. The AquaCulture ones I just have from a long long long time ago, but I've had fish do well on those too...

Tail type: This is a tough one. For females, I like them all. I just got my first plakat male and I think he has an amazing personality, but I also love my CT and HMDT. I wish my HMDT didn't tail bite, so I guess that's a flaw with the longer fins. I'm totally over male VTs though, don't see myself ever owning another one now that there are so many other options. So I guess my answer to this is anything but VT males, lol.
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