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Tank: Brand doesn't matter, whatever is on sale or I have a coupon for. I do prefer glass though because of the scratch factor. I feel like my acrylic tanks scratch like crazy and on the smaller ones I have to be so careful removing gravel or the side gets scuffed to hell.

Food: NLS, it's good quality food. Omega One (for other critters) it's also pretty good food but NLS is still better in my opinion. Also never had issues with my NLS food not being eaten by my betta and the pellets are small and easy to eat without choking.

Tail: HM though I HATE the biting of their beautiful tails. I like to look at them but not own them. Crowntails: They just have cool tails. VT's: Yeah I know they are the oldest tail type in the book other than placket but mah god....vt's with shorter tails...when they swim they are so graceful like dancers. I love watching them swim more compared to my DTHM who makes me cry when he swims because HE EATS HIS PRETTY TAIL.
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Originally Posted by Hopelessaddict101 View Post
Tank brand? Why?
Fish food? Why?
Tail type on a Betta? Why?
Thank you all for replying! I didn't think that I'd get that much replies! Hehe. I love to hear what peoples favorites are, or what they don't like, and why. It also helps me out in the future for food shopping etc

So, I guess I should do mine. :P

Tank brand? Probably Jebo 338. I like the size, look and the filter on it. Only thing with the filter is you'd need a baffle for the drop... but I do like it. It's a framed glass :) I prefer glass. Never owned plastic.

Fish food? Hmmmm up until recently I have been feeding my Betta Tetra's Betta Tropical Medley, but (courtesy of little children in the house) it has gone AWOL... So I have recently just ordered Betta-Max pellets. :) I also feed blood-worms and micro-worms (keeps my culture going). I like to buy food that helps promote the color of my Betta, but is also full of protein etc etc.

Tail type? Hmm... I don't have a "Favorite" but I prefer long finned over short right now. I've had a few double tails, delta, veil-tail.. I would really love to have a BOCT Betta though.. But I think that might be the only time I'd have a CT.. I like dumbo :) (EE) and Delta mostly. But I like rose-tails, too, I think they're cute. I just don't think I'd ever buy one.
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