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The Black Saturday was the big one that killed a few hundred people in Victoria. People died only a couple of kms from my grandparents' house and we were there when it happened. Luckily most of their property was completely spared and we only got two embers in over the fence. More of their place was burned by firefighters trying to build containment lines than by the actual fire.

Where I am we are completely safe. Unless the possums in our roof start a fire haha.

Generally you can keep wild betta pairs together and they will spawn naturally. If you do regular water changes with cool water and provide them lots of live foods they will spawn quite frequently. My fish are on a spawning break at the moment which is fine by me as I have little room for anymore grow-outs.

Most of my species also do not eat their fry so they can be grown out alongside their parents as well.

Nah the Ideii female lives downstairs in a 2ft tank. She is massive around 11cm long and quite thick. I have my unimaculata male in with her who is dad of my fry and after she tried to kill him he lives in a breeders' net until I can get it divided. She ate the head off one of my brother's fish when I tried her in a community although knowing that fish I think it started it.

Killifish are quite hard to get here as well. We get a few common species but nowhere near the range America and Europe has. I wish I lived in one of those countries sometimes. Quarantine seems to be a lot harder here in Oz and in NZ so I think that really cuts down on the fish species sellers are willing to import as they aren't going to pay top dollar and take the risk of importing a fish that has only a nice market.

I don't mind questions. I could blab about fish all day as my mum well knows.

This is a thread me and a few other members post on about our wild bettas.
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Ohh, I know about the Victoria fires. I didn't click about the name. That is very sad - and it must have been very scary too! :( Haha possums, the critters :/

Oh that is good. I was right then. But that female does sound very aggressive. Wow. One PMS female! ;) 11cm is HUGE! I didn't know they can get that big! Wow! (But then again I don't know much about the wild type Betta).

Yup, I know it is very had to import fish from overseas into New Zealand. I'm guessing it would be just as hard to get them in in Australia, too. A lot of people here don't even bother trying to as it usually takes too much money and time than what it's worth, really. Leave that for others then buy off of them! :P

Thanks for the link, LBF. I will be sure to read it right now. :) I always love learning about new things! Especially fish!
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