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DIY Co2 for npt

Whats peoples thoughts on a diy co2 system for a npt.

ive been lookin at multiple youtube videos on how to make diy co2 for under 10 bucks using a plastic bottle some airline tubing sugar and yeast and an air stone..

what will the co2 do for an npt?
is it needed?
will it benefit your fish in any way?
will it make your plants bigger,quicker growing,greener?

id like to hear the pros and cons of adding a diy co2 system into an npt please
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Plants need c02 for photosynthesis. This is more of a requirement in High light setups but low light tanks will benefit from c02.

Not needed in low light...but some plants do require it to maintain proper health and color. Most red plants need the c02 for the red color. Its up to you.

No benefit to fish....too much c02 will actually suffocate the fish just like it would to us humans

and to your last question the answer is YES!

Here is a great article about the DIY c02 system and instructions on how to build

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IMO-injecting CO2 isn't needed in the soil based systems. Your system will create some CO2 on its own naturally as organics decomp.

Usually, you don't inject CO2 in the natural systems, you can, but its not needed. The Co2 can help the plants grow faster if you have enough light-otherwise you might end up with an algae farm.

The soil based natural planted systems are intended to be low tech-with low-mod lights and limited water changes. Once the NPT's has matured and balanced-they can provide most everything they need on their own.
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