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Can't decide on what to do with my 10g...

Just before Xmas I picked up a 20L to rehome my ancient albino convict cichlid, who has been living happily in a standard 10g leader. His old home was a 55 that unfortunately couldn't be economically taken during the move, so he ended up in the 10.

Well, the 20L has been cycling for a few weeks, mostly to give the plants a chance to establish themselves before he's set loose to destroy them all (convicts are notoriously hard on plants - they don't eat them, but they love to tear them out and toss them around).

Anyway, I'll be moving him from one tank to the other in another week, I think. Right after doing so, I'll be scrubbing down the 10g and then dirting and capping it. I'm fully expecting him to tear out the plants in the 20, so I'll be prepared to move them to the 10 where they can live a happy little plant life.

The dilemma comes from my indecision on stocking the 10g. I've considered cory cats and tetras, rasboras, the usual suspects, and I'd played with the thought of doing a betta sorority before, but I still can't make up my mind.

I'll probably order a bunch of plants from Dustin (Aquaticjungles) for the 10 before I stock fish, just so it's said. Bettas need the tank breakup and cover, and most other species can benefit from it. Light will be a single 18" T8, either 6500k or 8000k, depending on what I can find. Filter will be an appropriate hob.

I like the idea of going to the store and walking out with 6 female bettas, so they don't end up trapped in those stupid little cups, but I'm not sure if it's better to just pick and choose from those or if a sorority has fewer potential aggression issues if all the bettas are from the same spawn - ie, should I buy females from someone here to get ones that share the same bloodline?

Any other cool thoughts?
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Must admit the 2 females i just got were from the same brood

They were all living quite peacfully in the LFS tank and had no problems going into my 10G

Niether is causeing the other any grief
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Hm... I've never had them, but I've heard that you can keep a small group of threadfin rainbowfish in a 10 gallon. They seem like pretty cool little fish who aren't too difficult to care for if water quality says good.
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