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Old 01-10-2013, 03:08 PM   #1 
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just a wee bit bloated looking

I have been feeding him the Hikari pellets, and yesterday, I noticed I have not really seen any of his poop (before I added him to the tank, in his bowl, his poop would be pink or orange round clumps). Last night, I noticed he looked bloated, so I put 2 and 2 together. I think he may be constipated. Parameters are pH 7.2, ammo is trace, nitrite is .5 (and dropping) and nitrates are about 5. His tummy looks smaller today than last night, though I still can't be sure I see any of his poop. It is still ever so slightly bloated though. I have not fed him specifically today, but I did feed the 3 livebearers though, a small pinch, and I noticed he did eat a few crushed up pieces, not a big whole one, or even the equivalent. He tried nibbling on the kuhli loach shrimp pellet, but gave up when the loach showed interest in it, despite being much larger, so I don't think he is exceedingly hungry. There are plenty of molly and platy fry around, and I am certain he's eaten some of those, though none are unaccounted for today.

The guy at the chain store said to take him out and give him bettafix. I am hesitant to, since it's going down on its own it seems, and he is otherwise fit and frisky, swimming just fine, playing a lot like he normally does. He isn't clamped, everything else looks fine, just his tum is a little pooched out and slightly blanched compared to the rest of him. I think I'm the only one who'd notice though, it's very slight.

Instead of putting him through the stress of being in a bowl (don't have a good QT tank set up yet) and then having to reintroduce him, would it be better to just not feed him (I have to hand feed him HIS food -the Hikari pellets, which I hate and won't buy again), for a bit, maybe even more than a couple days, being as the others get fed and there are fry around. Or, since the others get fed and there are fry around, it won't improve until I fast him separated from the tank?

It's a 20g, and I do a 25% WC (conditioned with Stress Coat per the bottle instructions) every 4-6 days or so. I check my parameters daily (usually more, I'm kinda OCD, lol), I basically do a small change as needed.

Thanks! I wish I could get a good photo of him. He's a pretty cambodian mutt VT and definitely my favorite of the tank. But I don't have a good enough camera to get a shot, so I can't really show the bloat. But it's just around his pectoral and ventral fin area, I can only see it from the side, and it's just barely noticable. I only notice because I love to watch them.

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Hey there,

I use Hikari pellets and have never had any trouble with them, I use to use cheaper pellets and had trouble with the bettas getting constipation but the Hikari pellets are much smaller. If there are baby guppies in the tank and you think he may have eaten some then this may be your problem as it is quite common that fish can become bloated or constipated when fed live fish. Are any of his scales sticking out like a pine cone? You would need to look at him from above to see this? If not he should be fine I wouldn't treat him with anything at this stage as unesssisary treatment can cause stress and it is always best not to over medicate when possible. Goodluck with him
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Location: tn
no, they aren't sticking out. I'm starting to think he is just getting muscular. can they get muscular there in that area? he is not happy with not getting his pellets.
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Old 01-11-2013, 12:42 AM   #4 
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bettafix or anything with fix is bad I heard, it coats the labyrinth. I've been using the epson salt method. My one female is ridiculous huge. I don't know why because I don't over feed them. The day I got her I noticed her starting to bloat.
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If he is otherwise acting his normal self-I wouldn't worry about the enlarged abdomen-I would keep an eye on him-as I am sure you do. But you don't want to confuse bloat, constipation and/or swimbladder with normal rotund tummy and treat needlessly.

Usually with bloat, constipation and swimbladder issues-you will have other signs/symptoms along with the enlarged abdomen. Like-buoyancy issues, lethargic, clamp fins, hiding, stops eating and stop pooping, however, lack of poop isn't always a good indicator since some fish may eat or destroy the fecal matter.

It can be a challenge to feed a Betta in a mixed species tank and sometime we have to get creative. Some Betta tend to be a bit of a pig regarding food and will overeat-sometimes causing themselves health issues. Since he has access to live foods in the way of livebearer fry-eating these will help to keep him regular-plus, provide more activity during the chase.
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Thanks, I have decided he is just getting muscular there. Fasting him made him aggressive to the other girls (I say aggressive but really it was more like he was desperate to make sure he got some food). He is eating their flakes, so I am going to go back to feeding him by hand, which is the best way for me to get him to eat and not worry himself over their flakes.
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