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Old 01-11-2013, 09:10 AM   #1 
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Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Henrietta, NY
Cycling question

I am in the process of cycling a 10 gal and 5 gal tank. Fish-in. One fish in each tank. The 10 gal has one live plant in it. I set the 10 gal up in Nov. Then during that month I removed the fish to treat with epsom (not realizing I could have treated the 10 gal) so I think any cycle that may have started, probably was restarted. Anyway... Every time I test my water, both tanks - the tests always come back the same. Nothing has ever changed in color. Never really see a concern with the ammonia or nitrites. I do a weekly 50% change either way. But do you think I should be worried about my test kit being bad? Is that possible, even though the expiration date is well into the future? Purchased from Petsmart, its the API drops test kit. Per recommendation on here. I just find it weird that nothing is showing up. Technically my 10 gal should be close to cycled, it has been about 6-7 weeks since I put the fish back in... What does everyone think about this?
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API kits are generally pretty accurate. If your getting 0 ammonia readings your tank is fine. Depending on a few different factors you may not always see the water turn milky. I always start my tanks with water from established tanks and never see the water change color. Just keep testing and as long as you get 0 readings you should be fine.
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I think I wouldn't worry. You're testing the water & all checks out good, you're doing weekly water changes & everyone is healthy so relax. If you're testing daily it sounds like you could cut back.
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Reference Team
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If your tank really is cycled, you ought to see it producing nitrate as the end result of the nitrogen cycle. With only one small fish, it may not be much nitrate. But there ought to be some unless you have a lot of plants
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