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Old 01-12-2013, 02:05 PM   #1 
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: MIAMI, FL
Does anyone here keeps south american bumblebee catfish?

If you do, do you keep them in a community?
What do you feed them?
Can they be medicated with the same medicines we use for bettas? I ask this because i know that there are some medicines safe for one type of fish but not for others .
Please don't get them confuse with the Asian bumblebee.
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Location: Queensland, Australia
Hey there,

Afraid I don't own them but our local petshop sells bumblebee catfish....just not sure which ones, I can give you some general advice though. Most catfish will happily eat your sinking bottom feeder pellets easily found in most pet/fish stores.

As far as medication goes you need to be very careful when medicating any catfish because as I understand it they generally don't have scales which means that they are particularly sensitive to many medications that are safe for bettas. Sometimes the medication bottle will suggest halving the dosage rate for them but this is not so for ALL medications. I am pretty sure that you need to be particularly careful of medications containing malachite green and maybe methylene blue.

Most Bumblebee catfish can be easily kept in a community tank however I would reccomend some further reasearch on this matter as like I said I haven't personally owned them. Goodluck
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