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Preparing a 10g sororioty with females

I am highly scared of doing this, because so many things could go wrong. But I have a 10g without use and I feel that the females might enjoy something out of their current 2gs.

Currently I only have 2 females, so I need to purchase 2 more, correct?

So far I have my females now facing each other in their tanks, to get them used to seeing each other, because I might take a while till I have everything ready for them. I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but perhaps they will be less agressive when added in the tank cause they seen each other before. (Just a theory) right now they are sizing each other up from their own respective tanks.

So 4 females is good? I know the more there is the more spread out the aggression, but I do not know the max. I can purchase for a 10g female wise.

I am also purchasing lots of plants soon to break their line of view of each other.

I also have questions about the sorority, if any female gets ill and needs to be in QT will is disrupt the hierarchy, if so, how does one deal with it?

thanks :)
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It's good to be cautious but don't be too scared. The problem with a sorority is that while it may work for a long period of time things can always change. I currently have 12 females in a 46g, so far so good. In a 10g you could go with 5 girls, that's 2g per fish but I personally wouldn't go more than that. LOTS of plants, as you're doing, with a few cave structures will help tremendously. As for the two you currently have side by side right now, IME it doesn't make much of a difference. Yes removing a fish can disrupt the hierarchy & they will probably re-establish it. If you have to remove one, when you are ready to put her back, take them all out, re-arrange things in the tank & then put them all back. Good luck.
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Correct. 4 is good, but you could maybe put 5 in a 10 gallon.

If the Alpha is in QT, then total disaster may strike. One of the stronger members of the remaining group may force her way to the "alpha" spot and be extremely aggressive.

If another fish is in QT, it shouldn't be of any concern to their "hierarchy".
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You can put in 4-6 females in your 10G. I recommend a filter that is rated for 20Gs, though. If a female gets sick, it won't be really total chaos. As long as she's not one of those higher ranked ones then it should be just fine. If it's your alpha, I think changing the decorations a bit and cupping the females again for 2-3 days should ensure no major fights.
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