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Originally Posted by kfryman View Post
The functional difference between liquid and dry is that liquid is just dry ferts watered down so you pay for water. Fine fore small tanks, but a bigger tank it would become pretty expensive.
There is a much larger difference than that. Liquid ferts are great for stem plants because they can pull their nutrients directly from the water column; other plants, like amazon swords, prefer root tabs because they pull their nutrients from the substrate. Also, I don't see the relationship between tank size and fert solution volume when you're making your own. I can prepare my solution so that I'm dosing 5mL into a 5g tank, or I can make it more concentrated so that I'm still only dosing 5mL in a 100g tank.
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I use tetra FloraPride. It's fairly cheap and seems to work well for me.
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i believe the dry ferts kfryman is referring to are usually dissolved in water and dosed directly in the water column....
you certainly pay a lot more when buying a fert solution from seachem as opposed to mixing your own ferts.
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