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Old 01-12-2013, 09:51 AM   #1 
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Halfmoon fins

So been wondering, I have halfmoons but I find it insanely hard to keep their fins in an almost perfect condition:

- Blown fins
- Tail biting

are my main two issues with these beauties. I talked to some betta breeders friends of mine and they said the same, that HMs fins are never 100% of what they can be because they are so delicate.

I was wondering about your opinions ;)

Have you ever had a HM betta (non plakat of course) that never gave you fin issues? Or had intact fins?

As a sidenote question: Are plakats hardier than HM and why? (apart from the obvious short finnage, i'm speaking immune system wise.)
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Oh and while I'm asking, do Dumbo bettas have issues as well with their huge front fins? I find that very curious as well.
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I haven't really had many issues with my Long fin or Long fin HM males-in keeping fins intact. IMO-I think sometimes fin issues with the long fin males can be related to genetic-when its not due to water quality, water movement, the environment itself or nutrition.

As for the dumbo, I have never kept them, however, I would think it would be the same as with the Long fin males.
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Old 01-12-2013, 12:06 PM   #4 
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None of my HMs have blown/ripped/self chewed fins - had one take one bite out of his at one point, but that was it. Only damage to any of my HMs had been from females.

But only one HM is in an actual tank (10g), the rest are in .33 and .5 gallon tanks - but still no damage from flaring or self mutilation.

My EE (who is in a 10g) also haven't had any issues with his pectoral fins.

Mine could be the result of being kept in clean, warm water (not overly clean), along with no water movement nor damaging decor (other than a piece of hornwart + betta hammock) and genetics (as OFL mentioned) - all but one are from respectable breeders and an import (my EE HM is a Petco find.. but he had zero fin damage until he met one of my mean girls). All that do have damage due to females are growing back healthy.

EE has no issue swimming or keeping up with short finned bettas.

Unsure if PKs are healthier than long finned, I only have one PK that is a blind male, and he chugs along just fine... so I don't have any experience personally on health differences.
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Old 01-13-2013, 04:38 AM   #5 
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My water is always clean I test it monthly or so and it0s always ph 7 ammnonia 0. I've only had 3 HMs, my first betta was my fault, as I put decor that was harmful and it was my first time keeping a betta. (He chewed his tail ocasionally as well.)

My extra halfmoon had ocassionally blown fins, but even though it healed it always had little pin holes here and there from flaring.

And my opaque HM chews his fins, but stopped after placing him in a smaller tank with IAL.

So i guess it was genetics involved. And my bad luck, though I couldn't help it :) I loved these bettas the moment I set eyes on them.

My plakats have yet to give me any issues. And my old VT never gave me issues either.

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