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Question Filters?

Hey all-

Here I am again posting with filter issues/questions! Filters I guess I just have horrible luck with.... But anyways, my filters (every single one of them) has broken, and I need some suggestions on reliable filters for 1 1\2-2gallon tanks...... I am aware that is not a lot of space for my babies but I don't have a lot money to contribute to my Bettas..... But if anyone has any suggestions for good filters under 11$ I would be very grateful! I also know that tanks the size that I have them don't necessarily need filters as long as I do my water Changes three times a week, But, I don't have time in my week to to changes three times so it any filter suggestions within my price range would be very much appreciated!

Thank you all in advance!

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2G and below are really small tanks, I usually recommend filters for small tanks at the least 3G. Sponge filters are best for bettas, especially in small tanks. This is the sponge filter I use, but it's a little bit big and strong. I think most people use this sponge filter. I recommend this one instead of mine... If it's still too strong, use a T valve to control current. In a tank likes yours, water changes are necessary 2-3 times a week anyway. The cycle wouldn't be that stable either; your choice, really. I think it's better for you to get a big tank like a 10G-20G. You would only have to do a water change once a week.
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Thank you for your help LebronTheBetta! I will look into those..... I can try and see what I can do to make a 10gal possible for me my sechule and buget. I see your point in how this would be a better accommodation for my babies and I do have a 10 gallon for them I just never got around to using is not clean it had been used to house other animals (little sister's love for ouside animals such as lizzards) So my question then would be 1. On a regular basis how do you clean somthing as big as it that? 2. How can I make I serile? (sorry very new to bigger tanks =) )

Thank you so much!

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Would not filter anything smaller than 5g. 2-3g maybe with a sponge. Definitely not below 2

This is what I posted on another forum about preparing a 10g:

I would go for the 10g but know you'll spend more setting it up. The tank is just the start of things to come.

*You'll need a stand that will hold 120lbs+.
*You'll need the gravel at a rate of 1-2lb per gallon.
*You'll need more plants and more places to hide because it's larger. I sometimes pull silk plants off their base and float them at the top of the tank because my guys all like to sleep up top.
*You'll need a gravel vac.
*You'll want a filter of some kind. If you use an HOB you'll want to prefilter it and maybe baffle it.
*You'll need a lid
*You'll need a good 50-100w heater. I like Aqueon Pro (the black ones not the regular crappy line), Jager and Marineland Visitherm
*You'll need one of those in tank thermometers to monitor temps
*You'll need a drops testing kit for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate to cycle it (cycling will take up to 2 months)
*You'll need water conditioner
A 10g+, once fully cycled, will require a once weekly 20-50% water change (if you're going to put all 3 fish into a divided one I'd do the 50% change), including using a siphon to clean the gravel. Cycling takes up to two months to complete. You can do fishless or fish in cycle.

Cleaning the tank with white distilled vinegar then rinsing really well and leaving empty for 24 hours kills most things.

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Old 01-15-2013, 01:08 PM   #5 
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O.K. thank you so much callistra! I will go out to get those things! =) and now (sure enough) I have a few more new questions......

1. If I am to do the Fishless cycle how much food do I put in a day?

2. How many times a day should I test the water?

3. Is the cycling a one time thing?

4. Once the first cycle is done do I do a regular 20-50% water Change like normal? If so will it upset the "Balance"?

5. When complete (cleaning and all) when do I start adding fish? (I'm only going to add my male Angel for the time being)

Thank you all for your help! =) (and please forgive me my questions give you the "DUH!" moment haha )

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filters, suggestions

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