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Angry White microscopic dots that move!!

Hello, i need help... I had a betta fish it died... so I got a new fish... its also a betta, has a 5 gal tank and filter... it has a heater to keep temp of 28 c. I had my tank desensitized.. had water in the tank sit for like 4 days..I got my fish. Been 3 days since the fish is swimming in the tank and i find these weird dots moving around in my tank... What i do to get rid of them and what are they? I am attaching the video and it can be seen moving in the last 10 sec. of the video.. there are big bubbles at top of water but if u look closely to the water u can see the things move! Help plz!

file:///Users/Hanna87/Desktop/whitedots/Resources/ <- copy this whole link and past it, in the the address bar and you will be able to see the video.
P.S. I assure you all this is not a virus.. I just need help and its the only way i can show u all the video. Just so u know the big dots are air bubbles, but pay close attention to in between them. U will see it move.

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If they dart, they are merely DAPHNIA... Aka water fleas. Harmless, and often eaten by anything else in the tank such as a fish. My fry end up eating these the first day or so after free swimming since they are just... there. Often they hike with the live plants. :) Don't worry about daphnia!

edit: We cannot open files on your computer. It does not work.
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